InfoSec Task Force

InfoSec Task Force

The EUNIS InfoSec Task Force will focus on the current challenges of the information security field. The changing threat landscape of academic IT as well as the recently renewed privacy legislation present new challenges for many higher education organizations. The InfoSec Task Force aims to share knowledge about information security development and compliance, as well as solutions to support the implementation of the GDPR from the information security point-of-view.


The implementation of information security measures supporting the GDPR has to be done in the next year. Also, the overall co-operation on the IT security topics would benefit many member organizations since the change in threat landscape requires more proactive and advanced countermeasures.


At the EUNIS 2017 congress, one of the tracks was titled “ICT infrastructure & Security”. InfoSec Task Force aims to continue the work started in the main conference by working with some of the most interesting topics with IT security professionals from member organizations.

Purpose and Objectives

The objectives of the InfoSec Task Force are to

  • discuss the higher education information security and privacy challenges and present and share ways of solving those challenges
  • share knowledge on topical information security threats, countermeasures as well as technical solutions
  • support GDPR implementation on the information security side
  • follow up on the threat landscape as well as the development of new privacy legislation
  • build a network of higher education information security and Data Protection professionals

The Task Force aims to present a forum for information security professionals as well as data protection experts in order to build a strong network – one that both sides of expertise can find beneficial.

Current and future Activities

As a start of this InfoSec Task Force a workshop on Data Protection and IT security was organized in Berlin, in April 2017. We reached around thirty IT security and Data Protection professionals around Europe and presented high-level speakers about GDPR.

Also as a background work a presentation on The Threat Landscape in Academic IT From an IT Security Professional’s Point of View was given by Kenneth Kahri at the EUNIS 2017 Congress.

EUNIS_2017Lisbon_logoThe next steps are to gather the members for the Task Force and building a plan for the following year. One of the  activities planned is a follow-up workshop that will be held on 12th December 2017 (just a day before the EUNIS BencHEIT annual meeting on 13th December 2017). It will focus on the theme of GDPR in higher education and practical measures for implementation. Both workshops will be held in Lisbon, Portugal. More information and registration here.

The Leader of the InfoSec TF is Anne Hintzell from the University of Helsinki, Finland: