Business Intelligence (BI)


The overall goal of the Business Intelligence Special Interest Group at EUNIS is to act as a network of practitioners and researchers within the field of BI and analytics in European universities and Higher Education Institutions. The network should promote a cooperative knowledge sharing environment for the development of innovative applications (e.g. predictive analytics or decision support, across all HE subject categories), and the exchange of ideas and experiences on BI in HE institutions such as success factors, technology and software.
In addition, BI SIG will act as a network where best and next practices for Higher Education BI and analytics are identified, cultivated and promoted. We will do this through joint seminars, both virtual and physical, and through facilitating an online collaborative platform for members of BI SIG. Finally, there is the intention to foster future BI and analytics projects joining institutions across Europe.

Recent activity


  • 27-28 April 2022, Tampere Univ., Finland: EUNIS BI and EA SIGs seminar on on Modeling for strategic decision making: explore how to combine enterprise architecture (EA) and business intelligence (BI) to improve strategic decision making in higher education institutions (HEI). Read more  here.


  • EUNIS BI&&Explorance webinar on 3 February 2022: Using survey data from student and employee engagement surveys to support decision making. Read more here.
  • EUNIS Business Intelligence webinar on 8 October 2021: Financial Management of research projects in custom SAP Fiori at Ghent University. The invited speakers: Sara Teymans, Rob Jonkers and Zjef Mallaerts presented their solution they have created using Fiori apps and SAP at Ghent University to support the management of research projects. Read more here.
  • #EUNIS21 pre-Congress online workshop: The times they are changing – Doing BI and analytics during a pandemic the BI pre-Congress workshop on 3 June 2021. Read more here.
  • #EUNIS20 pre-Congress online workshops: EUNIS Business Intelligence Special Interest Group (BI SIG) provided 3 activities at the annual EUNIS conference which were held online this year on 9-12 June 2020. See more here.

Worskhops and seminars:

  • Business Intelligence (BI) SIG seminar: 3-4 February 2020, U. of Ghent, Belgium
  • EUNIS Business Intelligence Special Interest Group seminar Make data smart – a roadmap to the next level was held in Ghent, Belgium on 3-4 February 2020. Read the agenda.
  • Business Intelligence (BI) SIG pre-Congress workshop: 4 June 2019, Trondheim

The workshop Adding value to the University through BI and analytics aimed to gather all BI enthusiasts to meet up and share experiences related to BI and analytics in University governance and decision-making. The primary goal was to revitalize the Special Interest Group of BI in EUNIS, in order to strengthen the network and plan future joint activities for the BI SIG. We heard from some Universities and their experience with BI and the added value they have gained through their work with BI. An introduction of a maturity assessment tool of BI maturity was given and shared with the participants, enabling the participants to conduct their own maturity assessment. This highly interactive workshop gave the opportunity to share own experiences and learn from others what they consider to be best practice and next practice for BI and analytics. Read more here.

  • The A-Z of Learning Analytics

EUNIS Learning & Teaching and the BI group ran a workshop: The A-Z of Learning Analytics, Manchester, UK, 7th November 2017. Read more information here.

BI Maturity Survey

As a starting point for further services, the core team initiated the first BI project to survey the occurrence and maturity of BI applications across European HEIs. To summarize, it aims for a continuously updated collection of maturity information, enabling participants to perform a self-assessment and benchmark of its BI maturity level against other HEI, both actually and over time. Of course, the results are to be organized, processed and presented by typical BI technologies. The survey was carried out in Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain, France, Sweden, Finland, Ireland and the UK in 2013. The results of the survey were presented at the BI Working Group Conference held on 6-7 March 2014 in Paris organized together with AMUE, CINECA and SIGMA. The following EUNIS BI workshop on Institutional Intelligence in Universities was held at the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, on May 20th 2015. More information here

To subscribe to the BI group e-mailing list, please send a message to the SIG Leader Pekka Kahkipuro