Benchmarking (BencHEIT)

What are we doing?

BencHEIT is a survey on IT costs and volumes of higher education institutes. Its participation is voluntary and free of charge. The survey has been invented and is being developed and managed by CIOs (within EUNIS community).

Why are we doing this?

The BM-survey will assist You to understand the institute’s IT cost structure in three dimensions:

  1. By organizational group: centralized IT, other centralized units (e.g. library, finance) and substance units like faculties and research centers.
  2. By services: e.g. networking, teaching, audio visual
  3. By accounts


You can also compare your organization against your peers. In the BM analysis, you can pick up four of your fellow organizations and put them in comparison by all indicators.

Starting from BM2016 we have introduced the longitudinal analysis for those organizations, which have at least three participation round during last five years. They will get a timeline chart of their performance. Here are a few samples of the data.


The new survey round starts with a workshop usually at the beginning of December. For the this round, BM2018, the workshop was held in Zurich, Switzerland on 27th November 2018. For next year’s BM2019 round, workshop will be held in Thessaloniki in November 2019.

In the beginning of the BencHEIT round, we will host an online launch session for all the participants. This launch was held on 5th February and the recordings of the launch are available for watching at the Eduuni workspace. The data gathering then goes on until the end of April. The checkout process, done by the BM Project Group, is right after the deadline and after the changes and corrections, the final BM Analysis is ready by the end of May and will be presented at the annual EUNIS congress in June.

BM workshop in November 2020

This year´s workshop will be in Zoom on November 25, UTC 13-15.

Preliminary agenda and speakers:

13.00 Ilkka Siissalo, University of Helsinki
BencHEIT survey – Update on round BM2020

13.30 Peter Bruun Nielsen, Aarhus university
Experiences and use of benchmarking at Aarhus university 

13.50 Jere Reinikainen, University of Helsinki
Automation and use of robots to collect data

14.10 Sami Ropponen & Sonja Laakkonen, Aalto university
Reporting and machine learning

14.30 Leah Lang, EDUCAUSE
Adapting the survey in response to the pandemic, update on Virtual EDUCAUSE conference

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