Dublin, June 2011, Council

EUNIS Council

Draft Minutes

The annual meeting of the EUNIS Council took place during the EUNIS2011 Conference in Dublin, Ireland on 16 June 2011.

1.    Welcome and registration of participants

The EUNIS President Jan Madey (Poland) took the chair. The following Council members were present:

Nicola Bertazzoni (Italy)
Uwe Blotevogel (Germany)
Gill Ferrell (UK)
Ramon Grau (Spain)
Alf Hansen (Norway)
Orla Hoppe (Denmark)
Grzegorz Jarzembski (Poland)
Tapani Kalmi (Finland)
Pekka Kähkipuro (Finland)
Jan Madey (Poland)
Viljan Mahnic (Slovenia)
Ligia Maria Ribeiro (Portugal)
Andres Salu (Estonia)
Ilkka Siissalo (Finland)
Peter Tinson (UK) 
Darina Tothova (Slovakia)
Ivan Vrana (Czech Republic) 
Hans-Dieter Weckmann (Germany)

Pierre Ageron (France), Paulo Alves (Portugal), Vicent Andreu (Spain),
Pascal Bachmann (Switzerland), Johan Bergström (Sweden), John Murphy (Ireland) Arsenio Reis (Portugal) and Christian Zufferey (Switzerland) apologized for their absence.

2.    Approval of minutes from the meeting in Warsaw

The minutes from the Council meeting in Warsaw 2010 was approved.

3.    Election of scrutinisers for the election of Board members

Ivan Vrana and Nicola Bertalozzi were elected as scrutinisers.

4.    Election of up to six members to EUNIS Board of Directors

The following 5 persons were elected to the Board:

Arsenio Reis (Portugal)
Nicola Bertazzoni (Italy)
Pekka Kähkipuro (Finland)
Ramon Grau (Spain)
Lígia Ribeiro (Portugal)

Kristel Sarlin
EUNIS Executive Secretary