Bas Cordewener Bio

Bas Cordewener,  Jisc, UK

Elected to the EUNIS Board of Directors till June 2021.

Working in the UK for Jisc, I act as Coordinator of the Knowledge Exchange, a collaboration between six European orgenistions; CNRS (France) DFG (Germany), SURF (Netherlands), DEFF (Denmark), CSC Finland and Jisc (UK). Over the years Knowledge Exchange has grown into a highly appreciated podium for structural exchange of expertise and for building networks of experts in areas Open Access, Research Data and related policy and infrastructure in Europe. KE reports on Open Access, Research Data and Open Scholarship related issues are well-received in Europe, including the EC, in the US and globally.

Next to my role as KE coordinator, I support Jisc in its international representation and networking, especially in engagement with and coordination of European projects (e.g. H2020’s open AIRE, EOSC), and technology foresight activities.

Being engaged in international collaboration for many years, having built a vast knowledge of what is going on in education, research, infrastructure and policies, and having a productive network, I trust my experience can bring energy to the EUNIS organisation and Board. Aims to pursue with priority are to increase the member value, facilitate member contributions to the working groups, and run the organisation in a professional way.

Before working for Jisc, I worked as Manager International Affairs and Deputy Program Manager IT and Education for SURF (Netherlands) and as Deputy Director for the Expert Center for Computer Aided Education (ECCOO) at University of Groningen. I studied Marketing at the Hanze University of Applied Sciences and received a Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com.) Marketing, ‘passed with honors’ in 1995. Between 2006 and 2010 Bas has been a board member of EUNIS on behalf of SURF.


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