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Much has been said

Much has been said about MOOCs in terms of technology. At the same time, surprisingly, MOOCs are quickly disappearing from the Gartner hype curve. But are MOOCs a technology? Why such a rapid disappearance?
I have a very simple explanation: MOOCs are a means to learn and to acquire knowledge through

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MOOCs, SPOCs and behind

In my last post I imagined how universities and Higher Education, more generally, could benefit from a blended education, partly as SPOC, i.e. small online courses, and partly face to face.
Apart from thedisruption oflearning and teaching methods, the financial costs and human resources required to generalize the use of SPOCs

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MOOCs and universities

I have long lived in the United States, I worked and lived there and I came back truly European, convinced that we belong to a different culture and a different civilization. This has been a very important reason for my investment in EUNIS from its beginning.
In the US, universities, even

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EUNIS BI Task Force: May 20, Madrid

Institutional Intelligence in Universities
The EUNIS BI Task Force will participate in an event in Spain dedicated to Institutional Intelligence in Universities, organized by CRUE-TIC.

The event will take place at the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, on May 20th. More information is available here

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MOOCs: Design, use and business models

MOOCs: Design, use and business models by Jean-Charles Pomerol, Yves Epelboin & Claire Thoury

MOOCs (Massive Online Open Courses) are shaking up the traditional forms of primary and continuing education and training. These new distance teaching tools which take advantage of the Web and social network revolution are making us think again

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