For queries about the event, including proposals for a case study or lightning talk, your first point of contact is:
Gill Ferrell

Find out more about the partners collaborating on this event and relevant special interest groups:

EUNIS – a membership organisation for higher education providers, their professional associations and suppliers. EUNIS has a learning and teaching special interest group. Contact Gill Ferrell

GÉANT – is the umbrella organisation for the NRENs (national research and education networks). GÉANT has an education task force. Contact Gyöngyi Horváth

IMS Global – is a not-for-profit membership organisation that develops and maintains international edtech standards. European members are automatically part of IMS Europe as well as the global organisation. Contact Gill Ferrell

Jisc – is a membership organisation providing digital solutions for UK education and research (and is the UK NREN). Many of its events and activities are open to an international audience. Contact Sarah Knight

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