Marija Slavkovik

In 1982 the creators of Bladerunner imagined a 2019 Los Angeles with robots that are indistinguishable from humans, but without smartphones. Decker goes to a payphone to make a call. The StarTrek universe is full of omniscient computers, but is set in a perfect egalitarian society. Our real future turned out to be somewhere in between. Our digitalisation had been swift, opportunistic, and invisible. We live digitally augmented lives that generate a lot of digital data. In parallel computational power and artificial intelligent methods have also developed and can process that data in new ways. These two forces are slowly reconfiguring the rights and power within the society.
The talk critically explores the power of AI as it stands today and the ethical impact it has on academic society and individuals.

Marija Slavkovik
Professor at the University of Bergen and chair of the Department of Information Science and Media Studies.
She has published more than 50 scientific articles on Artificial Intelligence. She has championed the establishment of the bachelor program in Artificial Intelligence at UiB, the fits AI bachelor in Norway. In her research Marija has a special focus on artificial intelligence ethics. She explores the problem of automating moral reasoning in machines, ensuring that machines follow the values of the environment in which they operate.

Marija is the communications officer of the EurAI Board (one of the oldest academic AI associations in Europe), the vice-chair of the Norwegian AI society, and a member of the informal advisory group on Ethics, Legal, Social Issues (ELS) of CLAIRE.

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