Janja Komljenovic

Janja Komljenovic is a Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) of Higher Education at Lancaster University. She is the Director of the Centre for Higher Education Research and Evaluation at Lancaster University; and a Management Committee member of the Global Centre for Higher Education (CGHE) based at the University of Oxford and UCL. Her research focuses on the political economy of higher education and higher education markets. Komljenovic is especially interested in the relation between the digital economy and the higher education sector; and in digitalisation, datafication, and platformization of universities. She leads the ESRC-funded research project “Universities and Unicorns: building digital assets in the higher education industry”, which investigates new forms of value construction in digital higher education and employs a theoretical lens of rentiership and assetization. Komljenovic is published internationally on higher education policy, markets, and education technology.

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