Nevena Agaeva

Student-Centred Learning (SCL) as the ultimate answer to enhancing the student experience 

In other words: “It is a mistake to think you can solve any major problems just with potatoes.” – “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”, Douglas Adams
Having been a flagship paradigm of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) for almost a decade now, SCL has only recently progressed from theoretical (mis)understandings of the concept to the practical implementation. It has faced many challenges from being secluded from the other structural reforms, expected to live a life of its own, to being translated into bespoke teaching programmes that accommodate various consumers’ needs. It has also been adequately implemented delivering generations of graduates who thrive in becoming responsible citizens, competent employees and self-confident individuals committed to personal development as well as to that of a broad knowledge base. 
During this session we will look into different aspects of SCL: the principles of the concept, how they translate into practice (including good and bad practices), how satisfied students, graduates and lifelong learners are with it and why. We will also look into how adaptable the concept is to the technological developments and what the Generation Z can expect of it. 


Nevena Vuksanović Agaeva
Alumna of the European Students’ Union (ESU)

Nevena Vuksanović Agaeva is a landscape architect, florist, and an English language teacher. She holds a Diploma in Landscape Architecture and Horticulture from the University of Belgrade and a CELTA qualification from the University of Cambridge. She is an alumna of the European Students’ Union, where she worked on the issues related to structural reforms of Higher Education. She was a content coordinator of the SAGE project (Student Advancement of Graduates’ Employability) and worked closely with the European Commission on the revision of the ECTS Users’ Guide 2015.

Nevena has coordinated and edited several publications including 1. Malnes M., Vuksanović  N., Simola M.: Bologna With Student Eyes, The European Students’ Union,2012, 2. Koncept Učenja Orijentisanog na Studenta i  Studentsko Mentorstvo u Srbiji: Priručnik za Studente, Nastavno Osoblje i Visokoobrazovne Institucije (Concept of the Student-Centred Learning and Student Mentoring in Serbia: A Toolkit for Students, Teachers, and Higher Education Institutions), University of Belgrade, 2013, 3. Employability With Students’ Eyes, The European Students’ Union, 2014.

Nevena is interested in the topics related to Lifelong Learning, Continuing Professional Development (CPD), permeability between VET and HE including coherence between ECVET and ECTS.



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