Lauritz B. Holm-Nielsen

Strategic choices in driving change processes

–role of governance and leadership – the case of Denmark

Developing strong higher education systems takes time, decades rather than years. Consolidating mass higher education and research systems is a generational process, successful examples indicate that institutions diversify and universities re-invent themselves in order to adjust to contemporary societies. Reforms have many facets, and must be introduced over time and with persistent support from many sides and they are most likely controversial because they do alter existing balances.


Lauritz B. Holm-Nielsen
Executive Director of the SDC

Lauritz B. Holm-Nielsen, expert (Denmark). Executive Director of the Sino-Danish Center (SDC), Beijing. He was the Rector of Aarhus University from 2005-2013, and is High Level Advisor to the Senior Management Group at Aarhus University (AU).

He is Chairman of the Danish National Fund for Nature. He is President of EuroScience, Strasbourg, and member of the Governing Board of Gothenburg University, Sweden. As rector for the Danish Research Academy (1986-93) Holm-Nielsen was in charge of reforming research training in Denmark and for introducing Ph.D. programs in Denmark´s research universities.

He was global lead specialist for higher education, research and innovation at the World Bank 1993-2005. Holm-Nielsen was member of the Danish Prime Minister’s Growth Forum, Chairman of the Science Research Council and of the national committee for research infrastructure, Vice-Chairman of the Danish Research Commission (White Paper), vice-president of European University Association (EUA), chairman of Nordic Academy for Advanced Study, and the Nordic University Cooperation, and member of several OECD expert review teams and other international review and advisory panels on higher education and research.



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