Arild Raaheim

Flipped assessment at campus and beyond – an alternative to the traditional summative and formative design

Assessment is the most powerful “tool” we have to affect students’ learning, yet we do not seem to fully acknowledge how we best may utilize this, at campus or in online environments. Current debates, and most initiatives, seem to take place within a very traditional understanding where focus is on assessment of learning or assessment for learning of specific knowledge or skills. Digital assessment as introduced in many cases is just traditional assessment made digital, followed by well-known questions related to plagiarism and cheating. In developing online education and online degrees we need to seek for alternatives and to build trust into assessment. In this presentation the notion of “flipped assessment” will be introduced as a way to make assessment sustainable.


Arild Raaheim
Professor at University of Bergen

Arild Raaheim is professor of Higher Education at the University of Bergen, Norway, and at the Norwegian School of Economics. He is the author of several textbooks in psychology, and books which highlight different topics related to teaching and learning in higher education, e.g. A Guide to Better Teaching at University (2016).

In his research, Raaheim has had a special focus on assessment, and on the relationship between assessment and learning.  He is currently member of the steering committee at bioCEED: Center of Excellence in University Education at Department of Biology, University of Bergen, and leader of National group of experts on digital assessment under the Norwegian Agency for Digital Learning in Higher Education.

Raaheim has long experience from international work, and has served on several national and international committees to evaluate institutions of higher education, as well as individual teaching programs. During 2004-2007 he was member of a national committee commissioned by the Ministry of Education to evaluate the Quality Reform of Higher Education in Norway. He is currently member of the organizing committee for the 2018 ISOTL conference, Bergen Norway “Toward a Learning Culture”.

Arild Raaheim has won a number of prizes for his work, and holds an Honorary membership at the Open University Western Norway for his outstanding contribution to teaching.


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