3rd EUNIS Rectors Conference

Higher Education Challenges and Priorities

Information Technology as a lever for competiveness

Following the two EUNIS Rectors events held in Paris in 2003 and 2006, EUNIS is organising a third conference which will bring together Rectors, Presidents, Vice Chancellors and their representatives from across Europe to discuss strategy, policy, organisation and management issues for higher education with a particular focus on strategic planning for the effective use of technology in a cooperative/competitive globalised world.

The conference is aimed at university leaders and therefore the sessions will have a strategic rather than technical focus.

University leaders invited to speak at this conference will try to give answers to a number of questions, e.g.:

Can "Decision Support Systems"really improve decision making?

How can IT improve collaboration between universities?

How can technology improve communication between universities and national and international bodies?

How can IT help universities improve their rankings in league tables?

How can technology-enhanced learning improve competitiveness?

How can IT improve "quality assurance"?

How can IT be used to deter and detect plagiarism?

How can universities benefit from "cloud computing"?

How to ensure return on investment in IT?

Many other issues may be raised and solutions offered when university leaders attending the conference have the opportunity to discuss their common problems. As in 2006 in Paris, a working "Birds of a feather" breakfast is organized on Saturday 26th.

The conference will start on Thursday 24th May at noon (with lunch), and end on Saturday 26th at 12:30 over lunch. It will take place in the historical Malostransky and Kaiserstein palaces in Prague. A social programme including a gala dinner and guided excursions will allow time to discover the beautiful city of Prague and give the opportunity for some relaxation from the intensive work sessions.