Digitization of (Higher) Education Processes: Innovations, Security and Standards

The digitalisation of educational processes is of increasing interest. The area of student mobility in particular can benefit greatly from digitalised processes. However, the number of projects is constantly increasing, and it is a challenge to keep track of them. Therefore, this paper highlights the diverse and projects in the EU, regarding innovations in digitization of education processes (at EDU, HEI, PEI level) and student mobility administration based on different standards and integration of security are presented, as well as views/results from ongoing projects (EMREX/ELMO, Europass/EDCI, eIDAS, EUid,Verifiable Credentials, DiBiHo, Kolibri, NBP initiative, PIM, OZG implementation for SIS, Self-Souverain Identities SSI). Future research can address extensive interoperability in detailed Layering Concepts for data and protocols – aiding some existing island solutions in standards and platforms in an independent way, also supporting internationalisation strategies.

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Digital Identity ICT Infrastructure & Security