DE4A Project: Towards a Single Digital Gateway for European Public Services

Single Digital Gateway regulation is settling the grounds for the effective crossborder interoperability of European public administrations at the data and business procedure levels. As the natural step beyond the basic cross-border authentication interoperability eIDAS regulation is currently bringing forward, a core set of common administrative procedures including higher-education related administrative procedures has been identified, and efforts in all member states are underway to analyse them and agree on a common set of specifications to allow a citizen from any European state to complete the procedure in another state without having to produce any physical documentation, and what’s more important, nor digitalised copies of said documentation which increases fraud risk and would require additional validation efforts. This regulation will enable a safer, more trusted, quicker, less costly, and easier procedure both for the citizen and for the administrations. DE4A project is an initiative by a strong consortium of multiple state agencies and other stakeholders in different sectors, both public and private, including universities. The project goal is to experiment the feasibility of deploying and running those procedures in a real environment, to identify the pitfalls and gain practical knowledge on the legal, technical, operational and governance challenges that will be faced by the SDGR implementors. This article will provide an overview of the developed infrastructure and its capabilities, as well as specific insight on the provisional outcomes of the academic pilot, still under execution until the end of 2022.

Downloads: presentation (PPTX)paper in EJHEIT

Digital Identity ICT Infrastructure & Security
Location: Hannah-Vogt-Saal Date: June 1, 2022 Time: 3:30 pm - 4:00 pm José Pascual Gumbau-Mezquita Francisco José Aragó-Monzonís José Traver-Ardura