Partner Plenary 3: Demystifying Digital Transformation – the Business Impact of Having a Unified Student Experience

Today’s leaders within Institutions and Business Schools are supporting a digital-first imperative and reprioritizing initiatives that will help to transform. A digital-first mentality helps support this mission, delivers positive outcomes and differentiators for your institution.

Starting your university or Business School’s digital transformation can be a daunting process; how do you begin, where do you start your focus, how do you make innovative changes to ensure the continuity of your services. A digital-first mentality helps support your mission and delivers positive outcomes and differentiators for your institution.

Over 70% of students are looking for a fully connected experience. And with many institutions having siloed systems, data processes causing disconnected experiences for all, and 65% of staff reporting this impedes them from helping students succeed.

Aalto University will share how they defined their digital transformation journey towards delivering a world-class student experience during this session. They will also share what their experiences taught them, their learnings and insights to take back to your institution and leaders.

Student success is the most important result of this digital imperative. More connected students are more successful students. Join to ensure you can begin your digital transformational journey by unifying the student experience.


Watch the recording here.

Partner Speakers

Julio Villalobos, CXO Strategic Advisor – Salesforce

Patrik Maltusch, Enterprise Architect – Aalto University

Marcelle Porteous, Customer Success Director – Salesforce

Leadership & Management Plenary Session
Location: Date: June 10, 2021 Time: 4:15 pm - 4:45 pm Julio Villalobos Patrik Maltusch Marcelle Porteous