Keynote 1: “See No…, Hear No…, Track No…” Risks, Benefits and Ethics on the Intelligent Campus

The Intelligent Campus is a microcosm of the Smart City. Smart cities, according to Finch and Tene (2016), may be ‘more livable, more efficient, more sustainable and more democratic’ or ‘turn into electronic panopticons in which everybody is constantly watched’. Intelligent Campuses amplify both of these possibilities since – unlike cities where space and data are owned by many different organisations – a university may well control and monitor the whole physical and digital infrastructure of its students’ lives, from bed to workplace to social spaces. Students and staff might well consider such monitoring ‘creepy’, or worse. But that single control, and the strong shared interest between campus managers and occupants, may make the goal of smart citizenship easier to achieve on campus than in cities, where political and commercial interests have largely limited the relationship to a paternalistic one, at best. This talk will present practical tools to help educational institutions deliver this goal.



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Plenary Session
Location: Congress Room 1 Date: June 10, 2020 Time: 9:15 am - 9:45 am Andrew Cormack