Dr. Jun-Seok Hwang

Prof. Jun-Seok Hwang – Seoul National University

Trained as a telecommunications engineer and information scientist, Prof. Junseok Hwang has been serving Seoul National University (SNU) College of Engineering through the interdisciplinary Department of Technology Management, Economics, and Policy for the past 13 years. Through his work, Prof. Hwang seeks to build a world-wide platform and partnership for substantial value generation of ICT for the cause of humanity. Toward the end, he has been enthusiastically involved in leading global ICT trends and policy analyses through education, research works and publications. Recently, he has authored new 7-book series, Digitalogy, proclaiming new digital philosophy of this era.

Apart from contributing to the SNU College of Engineering, Prof. Hwang has led the International IT Policy Program (ITPP) in SNU with the dedicated mission of educating international IT policy specialists from around the globe.

Through ITPP, Prof. Hwang has trained more than 110 government officials from about 40 countries as leaders of global ICT policy makers in their respective countries so far. With the world-wide network of ITPP, he hosts annual International Symposia on Green, Smart, Development and Vision (GSDV) to exhibit ICT policy research and practices as a part of sharing and collaboration.

He has recently established a research institute, entitled Institute of Smart Technology Information Contents and Knowledge (I-STICK) with the mission to explore and understand the social ecosystem composed of newly emerged knowledge, economics, and culture due to new technology development, and bring amendments to current technology centered human beings’ generation and society. He is a member of Academic Society for Appropriate Technology and a NGO group called Scientists and Engineers Without Borders.


Presentation Title : “Back to the Future University”

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