Submissions for the EUNIS Awards are now closed.


Thank you to all those who entered submissions for these awards.

The winners will be announced accordingly. 


Awards at the Congress

There are three awards handed out at the Congress.


The EUNIS Elite Award for Excellence

This award is organised by the EUNIS Executive Secretary who will make a separate call for submissions for the award through the EUNIS website. The award is an honorary one. The winner of the award will be invited to speak at a full session of the Congress.

This year the EUNIS Elite Award contest was again of a very high standard.
The five senior members of the jury selected three projects:


1.” Omega-Psir, a Solution for Implementing University Research Knowledge Base”, by Henryk Rybiński et al., Warsaw University of Technology

2. “An Enterprise Innovation: University of Reading Video Publishing System”, by David Wong et al., University College London

3. “sciebo — theCampuscloud for NRW”, by Raimund Vogl et al., Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster and University of Duisburg-Essen


The winner is:

“sciebo — theCampuscloud for NRW”, by Raimund Vogl et al.


The winner will present their project during a plenary session on June 10 at the EUNIS 2015 Congress, University of Abertay, Dundee, Scotland, 10-12 June. The authors of the other two projects will present their projects during Congress in their respective tracks. Please check the Congress programme for information.  In addition an Award Ceremony will take place on June 11th at the Congress Gala Dinner.

With my congratulations to all of the competitors
Jean-François Desnos

EUNIS Executive Secretary

The EUNIS Dørup E-learning Award

This award is organised by the EUNIS E-Learning Task Force. The call for submissions for the EUNIS Dørup E-learning Award appears at the same time as the general call for papers. The winner is selected by the Dørup Award Judging Panel from a shortlist of all submissions for the award. The award is not a monetary one but the winner receives a certificate, a print of a painting by Danish artist Maj Dørup and a refund of his/her Congress fee.


The Congress Best Paper Award

The Best Paper Award is a monetary award funded by the Congress. The winner of the award is announced during the Congress by the EUNIS Executive Secretary. The award is organised by the host institution and the winner is selected by a judging panel consisting of between three and five members.

We would like to announce the shortlisted papers for the Best Paper Award at this year’s Congress.


Nominations for the Best Paper Award EUNIS 2015

Authors, Title


Leadership, Management and Governance

  • Wolfgang Hommel, Stefan Metzger and Michael Steinke:  Information Security Risk Management in Higher Education Institutions: From Processes to Operationalization
  • David Wong and Phebe Mann: An enterprise innovation: University of Reading Video Publishing System


Teaching and Learning

  • Andrea Cameron, Carol Maxwell and James Cobley:  Learning to ‘LinkIn’ – teaching undergraduate students how to professionally network via social media using a Pebblepad platform
  • Niall Sclater, Alan Berg and Michael Webb:  Developing an open architecture for learning analytics
  • Anna Pacholak and Dorota Sidor: Academic e-learning experience in the enhancement of open access audiovisual and media education
  • Gill Ferrell and Lisa Gray:  5/10 ‘Must try harder’: applying technology to the management of assessment and feedback.


Corporate Information Systems & Business Applications

  • David Martinho, Samuel Coelho, João Carvalho, Luis Guerra E Silva, Luis Cruz, Artur Ventura, Ricardo Barata, Rita Severo and Pedro Santos:  Ad-hoc Workflows for Higher Education


Research and IT