European Journal of Higher Education IT 2022-1

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European Journal of Higher Education IT – EJHEIT

This issue of the European Journal of Higher Education IT (2022/1) consists of a selection of the full papers from the EUNIS 2022 congress.

A total of 45 papers were submitted to the congress, 20 of which are published here.
In this issue there are a variety of themes covering topic of Research Management, Enterprise Architecture & Business Capability, Governance, Data Driving Improvement, Business Intelligence, Interoperability & Standards, International Student Mobility, Cloud, Digital & Hybrid Learning.

European Journal of Higher Education IT is a journal created to support the mission of EUNIS and to disseminate International Research within the field of higher education IT. Please also refer to the Editorial Committee.

ISSN 2519-1764

Research Management

VIVO-based Research Information Platform for the Berlin University Alliance

Fadwa Alshawaf, Claudia Adam, Rolf Guescini, Florian Kotschka, Malte Dreyer

Polish Platform of Medical Research with OMEGA-PSIR an Open Science approach

Jakub Koperwas, Łukasz Skonieczny, Renata Sławińska, Henryk Rybiński

Enterprise Architecture & Business Capability

Towards a sector specific Enterprise Architecture model – introducing HERM

Gerolf Nauwerck, Patrik Maltusch, Valerie Le Strat, Esa Suominen

Visualising the digital transformation of research data management and student administration the Milky Way

Monica Lassi, Gerolf Nauwerck, Anna Winckler, Michael Cederberg


Self Service Campus: an online tool for network management delegation

Claudio Teixeira, João Paulo Barraca, Carlos Costa, Dimitri Silva

Good for all in the digital world: geeks, unicorns and European public values

Christien Bok, Gill Ferrell, Pekka Kähkipuro, Ewoud de Kok, Jasmijn Jacobs-Wijn

Driven by Data

For your eyes only: Leveraging existing data to facilitate individual course evaluation report delivery and integration into QA or BI tooling!

Joris de Vries

Personalized student experience through a standardized IT infrastructure

Reinhard Landes and David Rapp

Customisable analytical platform for public statistics

Aldona Tomczyńska, Emil Podwysocki, Sylwia Ostrowska

Interoperability & Standards

Interoperability of educational data demands standards

Tor Fridell, Geir Vangen, Janina Mincer-Daszkiewicz, Jan Joost Norder, Jukka Kohtanen, Igor Drvodelić, Guido Bacharach

Click and connect: solving integration issues with LTI (learning tools interoperability)

Xavier Aracil Diaz, Antoni Bertran, Martin Lenord, Bracken Mosbacker, Gill Ferrell

International Student Mobility

DE4A Project: Towards a Single Digital Gateway for European Public Services

Jose Pascual Gumbau Mezquita, Francisco José Aragó Monzonís, José Traver Ardura

A new approach to digital degrees

Anna Sandberg Telléus, Anna Lindgren


Co-operative Service Design for a Cross-University Data Backup Service

Thomas Eifert, Nicole Filla

Sourcing, multi cloud environments and a changed environment for central IT

Denise Dittrich, Thomas Eifert

Digital & Hybrid Learning

Shaping the digital education in a new normal: teacher experience

Anna Pacholak

Was the increased use of e-learning platforms during the global pandemic caused by COVID-19 a factor in the development of digital educational innovation in France?

Frédérick Bigrat

Removing barriers in digital education. Deployment and licensing solutions as building blocks to greater inclusivity in the digital transformation.

Lieke Veenhuizen and Dawn Nell 

Automated feedback: an AI-powered tool to scale micro-level feedback for better academic writing

Ziwei Huang and Wilco te Winkel

Deliver knowledge in a Digital World: Successfully Livestream In-Person, Virtual or Hybrid large-scale educational events – Challenges and best practices

Georgios Roussos, Dimos Charidimou, Vasiliki Kalfa, Anastasios Petalotis, Angeliki Agorogianni

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