European Journal of Higher Education IT 2019-1

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EJHEIT issue 2019-1

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European Journal of Higher Education IT – EJHEIT

This issue of the European Journal of Higher Education IT (2019/1) consists of a selection of the full papers from the EUNIS 2019 congress.

A total of 33 papers were accepted for the congress, 21 of which are published here.
In this issue there are a variety of themes in the tracks “Leadership & management” to “Learning, teaching & student experience”

European Journal of Higher Education IT is a journal created to support the mission of EUNIS and to disseminate International Research within the field of higher education IT. Please also refer to the Editorial Committee.

ISSN 2519-1764

Book of proceedings

Cover EUNIS 2019 Proceedings

Leadership & management

IT Strategy in the Era of Digital Transformation: Case Higher Education

Pekka Kähkipuro

Information Management @ Universities: a model proposal

Maria Manuela Pinto

The taming of Masaryk University websites

Pavel Budík

Cheating Detection: Identifying Fraud in Digital Exams

Bastian Küppers, Julia Opgen-Rhein, Thomas Eifert, Ulrik Schroeder

Conduction of Exams: Analogous vs. Digital

Bastian Küppers, Thomas Eifert, Ulrik Schroeder

ICT infrastructure & security

eIDAS eID & eSignature for HEI/EDU Applications

Hermann Strack, Guido Bacharach, Sebastian Klinner, Oliver Otto, Andre Schmidt

Recipient of the EUNIS Elite Award

Implementing an Opensource Higher Education and Research ERP at the scale of a country or State. Case Study: The Malian Higher Education Information System

Jean Marc Coris, Stuart McLellan

On the Decentralization of IT Infrastructures for Research Data Management

Marius Politze, Thomas Eifert

ICT in research

The sciebo.RDS Project: Who says research data management has to be complicated?

Raimund Vogl, Anne Thoring, Dominik Rudolph, Holger Angenent, Jürgen Hölters, Markus Blank-Burian

OMEGA-PSIR: An ecosystem for Building University CRIS Network in Poland

Henryk Rybiński, Jakub Koperwas, Łukasz Skonieczny, Wacław Struk

Open Research Data: The current and future use of repositories by the Swiss research community

Markus von der Heyde

OpenX & interoperability

Erasmus Without Paper Network — from development to production

Janina Mincer-Daszkiewicz

Software development

Decentralized verification infrastructure for documents anchored to blockchain

Mirko Stanić, Matija Pužar

Distributed services and a warehouse as an ecosystem on science and higher education

Emil Podwysocki, Łukasz Błaszczyk, Marta Niemczyk, Jarosław Protasiewicz, Marek Michajłowicz, Sylwia Rosiak, Iwona Kucharska

Virtual Campus Supported by Novel Efficient Knowledge Sharing

Arnt Richard Rørvik, Per Atle Eliassen, Jan Erik Garshol, Trude Eikebrokk, Gry Ane Vikanes Lavik

RAD-on: An integrated System of Services for Science – Online Elections for the Council of Scientific Excellence in Poland

Jarosław Protasiewicz, Sylwia Rosiak, Iwona Kucharska, Emil Podwysocki, Marta Niemczyk, Łukasz Błaszczyk, Marek Michajłowicz

NeIC’s CodeRefinery Project

Bjørn Lindi, Radovan Bast, Thor Wikfeldt

Learning, teaching & student experience

Finding a place to learn: A mobile study room guide with integrated room occupancy rate indicator

Ramona Renner, Steffen Schaffert, Bernd Decker

Recipient of the EUNIS Dørup E-learning Award

A case study in learning spaces for physical-virtual two-campus interaction

Robin Støckert, Alexander Refsum Jensenius, Anna Xambó Sedó, Øyvind Brandtsegg

Digital Native Students’ learning expectations in Higher Education

Anne-Dominique Salamin, Nicole Glassey Balet

Digital university: student perspective

Anna Pacholak

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