European Journal of Higher Education IT 2018-1

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European Journal of Higher Education IT – EJHEIT

This issue of the European Journal of Higher Education IT (2018/1) consists of the full papers from the EUNIS 2018 congress.

In total 18 scientific papers were submitted to the congress. In this issue there is a focus on the tracks Leadership & Management, Learning, Teaching & Student Experience, Software Development, and OpenX & Interoperability.

European Journal of Higher Education IT is a journal created to support the mission of EUNIS and to disseminate International Research within the field of higher education IT. Please also refer to the Editorial Committee.

ISSN 2519-1764

Book of proceedings

Leadership & Management

Factorial analyses in IT governance reveal constellations of decision shares and their consequences on IT in higher education institutions

Markus von der Heyde, Andreas Breiter

Governance framework for digital transformation in higher education

Pekka Kähkipuro

Digitalization of Higher Education from an Academic’s Point of View

Anne Thoring, Dominik Rudolph, Raimund Vogl

Building Data Science Capabilities into University Data Warehouse to Predict Graduation

Joonas Pesonen, Anna Fomkin, Lauri Jokipii

Data-driven indicator classification and selection for dynamic dashboards: The case of Spanish Universities

Rafael Molina-Carmona, Faraón Llorens-Largo, Antonio Fernández-Martínez

Information Technology Governance for Tunisian Universities (ITG4TU): a real experience of IT governance framework capacity building from European Universities

Beatriz Gómez, Carlos Juiz, Ricardo Colomo-Palacios, Antonio Fernández

Teaching & Student Experience

Learning Spaces around the world: an international comparative approach

Augeri John

Risk Mitigation in the Age of Learning Analytics

Alan Berg, Gábor Kismihók, Patrick Lynch

Honey I shrunk the data: data-informed blended learning design

Gill Ferrell, Samantha Ahern, Patrick Lynch, Nataša Perović, Clive Young

Learning Scorecard Dashboards: visualizing student learning experience

Elsa Cardoso, Tiago Pedroso, Francisco Rações, Artur Baptista, José Barateiro

Integrating Moodle Learning Platforms with Academic Management Systems for Teachers

Jordi Cuní, Estefania Muñoz

Only a change is constant – student digital experience in the academic on-line English language courses at the University of Warsaw

Anna Pacholak, Monika Galbarczyk

Comparative analysis of the use of video lectures and web 2.0 applications in a hybrid university course environment: a case study

Goran Bubaš, Antonela Čižmešija, Andreja Kovačić

The effect of implementing web 2.0 tools on the development of grammar competence in a hybrid English as a foreign language setting

Andreja Kovačić, Goran Bubaš

OpenX & Interoperability

Recipient of the Eunis Elite Award

POL-on: The Information System of Science and Higher Education in Poland

Marek Michajłowicz, Marta Niemczyk, Jarosław Protasiewicz, Karolina Mroczkowska

Software Development

How to Foster Open Access? An Empirical Evaluation of the Obstacles hindering OA-Publication

Dominik Rudolph, Anne Thoring, Raimund Vogl

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