European Journal of Higher Education IT 2017-2

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European Journal of Higher Education IT – EJHEIT

This issue of the European Journal of Higher Education IT (2017/2) consists of the full papers from the TNC17 congress. TNC is hosted by annually by GEANT and this is the second time GEANT publishes its full congress papers through EJHEIT.  The theme of the conference was The art of creative networking.

TNC17, its 33rd edition, was hosted by the Austrian National Research and Education Network and held in Linz, Austria between 30 of May – 2nd of June 2017. The conference provided an opportunity for researchers, operators and suppliers of research and education networks in Europe and beyond to meet, present and discuss their latest results and requirements in an ideal environment for promoting collaboration

5 papers presented in parallel sessions were selected for this publication. These papers cover both research and practical approaches to some of the challenges faced by today’s research and education networks.

European Journal of Higher Education IT  is a  journal created to support and disseminate International research, case studies, interviews and more within the field of higher education IT. Editorial Committee

ISSN 2519-1764

Editorial Introduction

Johan Bergström, Nicole Harris

Research paper

An extended analysis of an IOT malware from a blackhole network

Alexandre Dulaunoy, Gérard Wagener, Sami Mokaddem, Cynthia Wagner

Case study

C theatre: light speed connected geo-distributed performances

Alex Barchiesi, Bruno Nati, Giancarlo Viola, Claudio Allocchio, Edoardo Angelucci, Elis Bertazzon,  Paolo†Bolletta, Marco Paniccia, Andrea Salvati, Federica Tanlongo, Carlo Volpe

Case study

How to use cyber kill chain model to build cybersecurity?

Ireneusz Tarnowski

Technical paper

REFEDS ORCID working group report

Melroy Almeida, Pål Axelsson, Tom Demeranville, Laure Haak, Keith Hazelton, Mikael Linden, Miroslav Milinovic, Laura Paglione, Chris Phillips, Hannah Short

Case study

Empowering GÉANT deployments with ONOS brigades

Luca Prete, Alaitz Mendiola, Kostas Stamos, Pier Luigi Ventre, Andreas Papazois, Carolina Fernandez, Jordi Ortiz, Stefano Salsano, Afrodite Sevasti, David Boswell

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