European Journal of Higher Education IT 2016-2

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European Journal of Higher Education IT – EJHEIT

This issue of the European Journal of Higher Education IT (2016/2) consists of the full papers from the TNC16 congress. TNC is hosted by GEANT and this is the first publication by GEANT through EJHEIT.  The theme of the conference was Building the Internet of People

TNC16, its 32nd edition, was hosted by the Czech National Research and Education Network (CESNET) and held in Prague in Czechia between 12-16 June 2016. The conference provided an opportunity for researchers, operators and suppliers of research and education networks in Europe and beyond to meet, present and discuss their latest results and requirements in an ideal environment for promoting collaboration

nine papers presented in parallel sessions were selected for this publication. These papers cover both research and practical approaches to some of the challenges faced by today’s research and education networks. In keeping with the conference theme, one thing they have in common looking at the people connecting with monitoring, management, analysis and use of the network and human factor on top of those services.

European Journal of Higher Education IT  is a  journal created to support and disseminate International research, case studies, interviews and more within the field of higher education IT. Editorial Committee

ISSN 2519-1764

Editorial Introduction

Johan Bergström, Gyöngyi Hórvath, Brook Schofield

Monitoring and management

Research paper

Simplifying multi-layer network management with RINA: Analysis of a multi-tenant data center network

Eduard Grasa, Bernat Gastón, Sven van der Meer, Michael Crotty, Miguel Angel Puente

Technical paper

6MoNPlus:Geographically distributed Dual Stack network monitoring

Filippo Lauria, Claudio Porta, Andrea De Vita, Abraham Gebrehiwot, Alessandro Mancini

Technical paper

NetSage: Open privacy-aware network measurement, analysis and visualisation service

Alberto Gonzalez, Jason Leigh, Sean Peisert, Brian Tierney, Andrew Lee, Jennifer M. Schopf

SDN data plane

Research paper

Distributed cloud services based on programmable agile networks

Sonja Filiposka, Yuri Demchenko, Tasos Karaliotas, Migiel de Vos, Damir Regvart

Ludo - Kids playing Distributed Denial of Service

Research paper

“LUDO” – Kids playing distributed denial of service

Jessica Steinberger, José Jair Santanna, Evangelos Spatharas, Hendrik Amler, Niklas Breuer, Kristian Graul, Benjamin Kuhnert, Ulrike Piontek, Anna Sperotto, Harald Baier, Aiko Pras

Security: hardening the attack surface

Research paper

State-of-the-Art in Biometrics for Multi-Factor Authentication in a Federative Context

Martijn Oostdijk, Arnout van Velzen, Joost van Dijk, Arnout Terpstra

Advanced video applications

Technical paper

Multipresence: towards videoconference and collaboration in multi-use environments

Valter Roesler, Luiz Eduardo de Souza Coelho, Guilherme Longoni, André Marins, Leonardo Crauss Daronco, Leandro Ciuffo, Renato Duarte

Networking History, Arts and Cosmos

Case study

Innovating Colosseo: A distr-active artistic performance

Edoardo Angelucci, Alex Barchiesi, Andrea De Tommasi, Bruno Nati, Mirella Serlorenzi, Sabrina Tomassini, Cristiano Valli, Giancarlo Viola, Carlo Volpe

Global Network Architecture

Case study

Bridging the Digital Divide in Tropical South America

Eduardo Grizendi, Michael Stanton

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