European Journal of Higher Education IT 2016-1

Reference to articles in this issue should be made as follows: name of author(s). title, European Journal of Higher Education IT 2016-1

European Journal of Higher Education IT – EJHEIT

This issue of the European Journal of Higher Education IT (2016/1) consists of the full papers from the EUNIS 2016 congress.

In total, 27 full papers were submitted to the congress. In this issue there is a focus on the tracks Management and governance and Corporate Information Systems and Business applications, Information and communications technology, Teaching and Learning

European Journal of Higher Education IT  is a  journal created to support the mission of EUNIS  and to disseminate International Research within the field of higher education IT. Editorial Committee

ISSN 2519-1764

Book of abstracts

Leadership and management

Central IT Organizations and How They Support Research in the U.S

Gregory Palmer

State of Enterprise Architecture practice in Finnish Higher Education sector

Nestori Syynimaa, Patrik Maltusch, Esa Suominen

The social university: delivering business benefit through online networking

Dr. Gill Ferrell, Anna Mathews

The Future of IT Management: A Longitudinal Qualitative Review

Noel Wilson, Johan Bergström

OpenX and Interoperability

Erasmus Without Paper — from the technical perspective

Janina Mincer-Daszkiewicz, Wojciech Rygielski

EMREX in Poland supporting internal mobility

Janina Mincer-Daszkiewicz, Wojciech Rygielski

Eunis Elite award winner

Interoperability between Information Systems of Portuguese Higher Education Institutions

Lígia M. Ribeiro, Rui H. Pereira, Osvaldo Pacheco, Mário Bernardes,  Ricardo T. Martins

How Do Researchers Manage their Data? An Empirical Comparison between Policies and Practice

Anne Thoring, Dominik Rudolph, Raimund Vogl

An Integral Approach to Support Research Data Management at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

Malte Dreyer, Andreas Vollmer

Software development

Deploying an University App Store with Open Innovation

Jaime Busquets, Miguel Macías, Raúl Mengod,  Juan Evangelista, Carlos Turro

New university ERP for studying, teaching and administration – past, present and the future of the Peppi

Tuomas Orama, Jaakko Rannila, Mika Lavikainen, Lauri Stigell

LARK: Location-Aware Personalized Travel Guide with Rich Knowledge

Spyridon Bontomitsidis, Dimitrios Floros, Dimitrios Manolas, Konstantinos Mylonakis, Nikos Pitsianis

Engaging students in building better digital services

Pauliina Kupila, Ulla Lehtonen

EUNIS 2016 Best Paper Award winner

A secure infrastructure for mobile blended learning applications

M. Politze, S. Schaffert, B. Decker

ICT Infrastructure & Technology

Using Honeypots in Network Intelligence Architectures – The University of Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro case study

José Bessa, Hugo Coelho, Pedro Monteiro, José Brito, António Costa

Challenging Dropbox: The Adoption and Usage of New Cloud Storage Service “sciebo” at German Universities

Dominik Rudolph, Raimund Vogl, Holger Angenent, Anne Thoring, Andreas Wilmer, Christian Schild

University ICT security certification

F. Ciclosi, M. Mauri, A. Polzonetti

How Application Virtualization improved the student and staff IT experience at Odisee University College

Jan van Calster

Automated User Information Conversion to improve Identity Federation Scalability

Daniela Pöhn, Wolfgang Hommel

Digital Identity for University People

G. Gentili, F. Ippoliti, M. Maccari, A. Polzonetti

Teaching and learning

E-learning advancements in the academic foreign language teaching

Anna Pacholak, Monika Galbarczyk

Creating Virtual Learning Environment for Higher Education Institutions

Zvonko Martinović, Sandra Kučina Softić, Vedran Mušica

Electronic management of assessment: business processes, system requirements and institutional capability

Dr. Gill Ferrell, Lisa Gray

Bestr: Open Badges and SIS to empower Lifelong & Lifewide Learning

Matteo Bertazzo, Chiara Carlino, Federico Giacanelli, Simone Ravaioli

MOOCs: searching for a viable business model

Yves Epelboin

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