European Journal of Higher Education IT 2015-3

EUNIS Journal of Higher Education IT – EJHEIT

This issue of the EUNIS Journal of Higher Education IT (2015/3) consists of the full papers from the EUNIS 2015 congress.

In total, 27 full papers were submitted to the congress. The Book of Abstracts is also added as a re-submission to this Issue. In this issue there is a focus on the tracks Management and governance and Corporate Information Systems and Business applications, Information and communications technology, Teaching and Learning

Book of abstracts

Management and governance

EUNIS Congress’ 21st Birthday – A Historical Perspective on its Proceedings

Noel Wilson, Johan Bergström

Information Security Risk Management  in Higher Education Institutions:  From Processes to Operationalization

Wolfgang HommelStefan Metzger, Michael Steinke

CIOs at German Universities – a Survey by ZKI

Hartmut Hotzel, Ulrich Lang, Martin Wimmer, Markus von der Heyde

An enterprise innovation: University of Reading Video Publishing System

David Tze Wan Wong, Phebe Mann

UCISA Digital Capabilities Survey 2014 – Results

Gillian Fielding, Rebecca McCready, Iain Cameron, Annette Webb, Julie Adams, Grazyna Whalley

Research and IT

Sigma CRIS: Scientific outputs, integration and interoperability

Núria Cuní, Joan Busquiel

Best paper award winner

OMEGA-PSIR – A solution for implementing university research knowledge base

Henryk Rybiński, Jakub Koperwas, Łukasz Skonieczny

Corporate information systems & business applications

EUNIS 2015: ID Point – User identification

Maria Kalske

Sigma cloud: From an on-premise solution to a cloud one for Sigma consortium

Jordi Cuni

The practicalities of transforming Abertay University’s stand-alone systems into fully integrated and flexible systems

Moriamo Oduyemi, Louise Cardno, Kehinde Oduyemi

Adhoc Workflows for Higher Education

David Martinho, Samuel Coelho, Luis Guerra e Silva, João Carvalho, Rita Severo, Luis Cruz, Artur Ventura, Pedro Santos, Ricardo Barata

Information and communications technology

The weakest link of Office 365 security

Nestori Syynimaa

Agile and more: A successful redesign of ICT-infrastructure information exchange in higher education in The Netherlands

Jan Otten, Monique van der Geest, Wiebe Buising

Eunis Elite Award recipient

“sciebo — theCampuscloud” for NRW

Raimund Vogl, Holger Angenent, Dominik RudolphAnne Thoring, Christian SchildStefan Stieg-litzChristian Meske

Building Service Platforms using OpenStack and CEPH: A University Cloud at Humboldt University

Malte Dreyer, Jens Döbler, Daniel Rohde

Software and systems development

Building an IT-ecosystem of services and exploiting agile methods

 Tuomas Orama, Mika Lavikainen, Jaakko Rannila

Responsive, resilient, elastic and message driven system solving scalability problems of course registrations

 Janina Mincer-Daszkiewicz

Teaching and learning

LEARNING TO LINK-IN Teaching undergraduate sport students how to professionally network via social media using a Pebblepad platform

Andrea Cameron, Carol Maxwell, James Cobley

Teaching with Twitter: reflections on practices, opportunities and problems

Stefano De Paoli, Alice La Rooy

Digital Assessment in higher education in Norway

Freddy Barstadt, Magnus Strømdal

Developing an open architecture for learning analytics

Niall Sclater, Alan Berg, Michael Webb

MOOCs and pedagogy: where are we heading?

Yves Epelboin

Accommodating MOOCs into HEI: is blended-learning the solution?

Juan Antonio Martínez, Joaquim Campuzano

Academic e-learning experience in the enhancement of open access audiovisual and media education

Anna Pacholak, Dorota Sidor

Doerup e-Learning Award winner

Networked Virtual School – beyond OER and MOOC

Andrzej Żyławski

5/10 ‘Must try harder’: applying technology to the management of assessment and feedback

Dr Gill Ferrell, Lisa Gray

Serious EdGames©: Digital innovative serious educational gaming for mobile technology

Eur Ing Dr Phebe Mann, Dr David Tze Wan Wong

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