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JISC initiative: From Prospects to Alumnus

On behalf of Jisc, we would like to bring to your attention an online consultation: “From Prospects to Alumnus” (

The survey is open until the end of August 26, and Jisc would really value your input. It is part of the consultation process for a Jisc co-design project: for which Jisc are keen to gain a wide range of views.

A workshop will take place on September 4th in London, where areas for intervention and candidate projects will be agreed. The workshop is by invitation only, but if you are interested in the Prospect to Alumnus area (student relationship management lifecycle), from a cross-sector and information management perspective, and would particularly like to attend and contribute to the workshop, Jisc could accommodate one or two people in order to bring other European good practices to the table.

Please contact Simon Whittemore ( if you would like to participate.

UK 2014 Survey of Digital capabilities: embedding and support

UK 2014 Survey of Digital capabilities

The UCISA-DSDG User Skills Group has just launched the first biennial Digital capabilities survey of the UK HE sector, focusing on what can also been referred to as digital capabilities, digital literacies or digital competencies.

This survey, and future versions, will seek to establish how institutions are developing staff and students to perform efficiently and effectively in a digital environment. It will complement the Technology enhanced learning (TEL) survey that the UCISA-DSDG Academic Skills Group carries out, but will look at broader digital capabilities rather than TEL software and approaches.

The survey is already running in the UK and will be open till Friday 5 September 2014. Contact for further information or follow on Twitter at #ucisadigcap. The survey is currently open to UCISA members only. But, due to the EUNIS involvement, this has a chance to be extended to more countries in the future.

Outputs from this survey will include a report detailing data and trends analysis, case studies exploring themes, issues and good practice in more detail with also recommendations on how the sector can develop and be better supported by national bodies.

The final results will be officially presented in next UCISA events, but preliminary results will be also presented during the next BencHEIT Task Force Meeting in December 2014. In that occasion, the coordinators of the UCISA Digital capabilities survey will share their national experience with the EUNIS Community and together we will explore the opportunity of scaling the project at the European level.

EUNIS is willing to promote any national activity that might be interesting and useful for the whole European community, in order to share as many information as possible among us.

More information on the survey here