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EUNIS Cloud Management report

EUNIS Cloud Community Group launched a survey to cover up topics about cloud usage in HEIs. The data was collected till the end of 2020. Read the report here.

The outcomes were discussed at the last video call of the group, resulting in a couple of ideas for upcoming workshops, e.g.

  • multi cloud management
  • user experiences with cloud management
  • data classification.

If you have any suggestions for additional topics, please contact the Group.  For more information, see here.

EUNIS AR/VR Special Interest Group meeting: 22 Dec 12.00 CET

EUNIS AR/VR Special Interest Group first meeting will be held on 22 Dec at 12.00 CET. The purpose is to get acquaintance and share objectives, issues or outcomes.
It will take place in an ENGAGE virtual room. Please follow the link to get ask for access to the event:
The room will be available from 11:30 to check your hardware, software and connection.
If you do not have already an ENGAGE account, please sign up to create one:
You will be able to attend the meeting with a headset but also without one using your browser or the brand new iOS app.
Read more on the EUNIS AR/VR Special Interest Group here.

“How To Make Cloud Services Secure”: outputs from the EUNIS online workshop

EUNIS Information Security Special Interest Group (InfoSec) organised the 2-hour online workshop “How To Make Cloud Services Secure” on 3rd of November 2020 targeted to CIO’s and security officers involved in the technology behind secure cloud service delivery.

Te workshop was focused on how to increase security in a world where cloud services rule.

The introductory talk was delivered by Jeroen Vandeleur, Service line lead Cloud Security, NVISO, Belgium.

The discussions addressed technical and implementation issues, such as:

  • What is the role of, and how to best set up security centres?
  • What can be done to prevent, detect, resolve security breaches?
  • How to set priorities in security policies?
  • How to use offerings by cloud service providers to improve our security?

Read the outputs from the workshop here.


Outputs from the EUNIS “Data Protection and Cloud Security” online workshop now available

EUNIS Information Security Special Interest Group (InfoSec) organised the 2-hour online workshop “Data Protection and Cloud Security” on 27th of October 2020 targeted to CIO’s, security officers and those involved in legislative policy and compliance.

The workshop focused on how cloud services help to make available and protect data.

The introductory address was delivered by Andrew Cormack, Chief Regulatory Adviser, Jisc, UK.

Legislative aspects concerning remote working, online teaching and research, data protection and security policies have been discussed as well.

Read the outputs from the workshop here.