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EUNIS Cloud Management report

EUNIS Cloud Community Group launched a survey to cover up topics about cloud usage in HEIs. The data was collected till the end of 2020. Read the report here.

The outcomes were discussed at the last video call of the group, resulting in a couple of ideas for upcoming workshops, e.g.

  • multi cloud management
  • user experiences with cloud management
  • data classification.

If you have any suggestions for additional topics, please contact the Group.  For more information, see here.

EUNIS quality review for EU project

EUNIS was commissioned to undertake a quality review for the EU funded SHEILA project supporting Higher Education to integrate Learning Analytics.
Our report, which found the project outputs to be a valuable resource for institutions Europe-wide, can be found on the SHEILA website.
If you are involved in an EU project and would like more information about how EUNIS might support evaluation or dissemination of your work contact

EDUCAUSE Annual Conference 2016: visits to Stanford, Berkeley and UCLA

EDUCAUSE Annual Conference 2016 – French Delegation Report

For the fourth running year, a French delegation was officially assembled to participate in the annual EDUCAUSE conference. Like the previous three years, it was decided to take advantage of the trip to the United States to visit three universities: UCLA (Los Angeles), Stanford (Palo Alto), and Berkeley (San Francisco/Berkeley). This report follows the feedback meeting held in Paris on December 9th, 2016, and covers the three daylong university visits, and the various workshops attended at the EDUCAUSE conference.

Read the full report here.

Campus Card Survey Report 2016

Campus Card Survey Report 2016

Read the Report of the European Campus Card Association (ECCA) survey on the “Current State-of-the-Art in Campus Card Systems”. The global participation in the survey of 181 educational institutions from 28 countries has provided a valuable depository of information, which will be of importance to the on-going development of eID credentials and campus card systems in educational institutions.

Read the Report here.

EC Report: Digital and Online Learning

Education & Training 2020 report: Survey on policies and practices of digital and online learning in Europe

Under the E&T 2020 strategic framework for European cooperation on education and training, the Open Method of Coordination (OMC) provides a framework to support and foster dialogue across MS. Within the OMC, the Working Group on Digital and Online Learning (WG DOL) was established in 2014 as a follow-up to the Thematic Working Group on Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and Education. EUNIS participates actively in the Working Group on Digital and Online Learning.

The main aim of WG DOL was to foster mutual learning between Member States and spur further policy development on digital and online learning.

The WG DOL focused on how technologies and ICT can bring innovation into teaching and learning environments in Europe. Some of the key questions were about how digital technologies can contribute to organisational innovation in educational institutions, the quality models, processes, and tools that could enable innovation in teaching and learning to the benefit of learners, and how examples of innovative education can be scaled and mainstreamed.  This led to rich discussions in the working group about the characteristics of digitally innovative learning environments and the nature of the wider enabling framework conditions. Questions on quality assurance of open education resources (OER) and copyright continue to be a challenge for practitioners as well as for system level actors, and a wide range of approaches and concrete tools were presented. The WG DOL provided examples of how digital and online learning education policies and practices are implemented in Member States.

Read the European Commission report:  The survey on policies and practices of digital and online learning in Europe here.