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euroCRIS: Strategic Membership Meeting, 9-11 Nov, Barcelona

International Collaboration on Research Information Management and CERIF

The goals of the event are not only the exchange of information and ideas but more so, the exploration of possible concrete joint actions and projects towards the realisation of an improvement of the research information landscape, based on international standards.

The meeting covers the aspects of:

  • Assessment of research
  • Grant application, workflow and monitoring
  • Profiling of researchers and institutes
  • Research data management and archiving
  • (the creation of) Research information infrastructures
  • Local /institutional developments
  • (inter-)National developments

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Submit a paper to TNC16 – Building the Internet of People

EUNIS has for a long time had a strategic partnership with GEANT. Each year the two organisations interchange presenters at each others annual conferences. The call for papers to TNC has now opened and can be found at the TNC website.

Submit a proposal (single presentation or full session) for TNC16. The theme of TNC16 is ‘Building the Internet of People’. The conference will be held from 12-16 June 2016 in Prague, Czech Republic, organised by GÉANT and hosted by the Czech National Research and Education Network (CESNET).

Deadline for submission (presentation abstracts and session proposals) is 30 November 2015

Join the European survey on digital and on-line learning till Sep, 28

You may know that EUNIS participates actively in the Working Group on digital and on-line learning of the Directorate Education and Culture in Brussels. Our representative has been asked to disseminate the following demand among our members to respond to a survey on digital and on-line learning.

We, at EUNIS, would appreciate your participation to make the opinion of the true experts in the European universities heard. It would also show to the Brussels authorities that EUNIS is a partner of importance. They are awaiting your answer and the dead line has been extended to September 28th to give EUNIS members the time to answer.

You may access the survey by using this link . Thank you in advance for your participation.

“On behalf of the European Commission, Directorate Education and Culture (DG EAC), the Danish Technological Institute is conducting a survey on digital and online learning. The Member State Working Group on digital and on-line learning (WG-DOL) is established in the context of the Open Method of Coordination under the ET 2020 strategic framework for European cooperation on education and training.

The main aim of the working group is to foster mutual learning between Member States and to further policy development on digital and online learning.  To support that Member States are kindly invited to respond to the survey with focus on respectively the school sector and the higher education sector. The aim of the survey is to get insights into policies and practices on digital and online learning, priorities for collaboration and potential barriers to further mainstreaming.

Moreover, the survey aims to get an understanding of how digital and online learning is evolving in the Member States from the perspective of policy makers and to promote PLA within the WG-DOL.

We would appreciate that the survey is completed by yourself or other senior officials with responsibility for digital and online learning. We are aware that you may have varied level of knowledge on the situation for a particular education sub-sector.

We therefore propose that you invite other senior officials with expertise in digital and online learning complementary to your own expertise to complete the survey in order to get a broader picture of the state of play in your country. In countries with decentralized education systems you may also wish to provide some insights into the situation at the regional level, and you may therefore want to ask regional senior officials with responsibilities in digital and online learning to complete the survey.”

TNC15: 15-18 June 2015, Porto, Portugal

The TNC15 Networking Conference is the largest and most prestigious European research networking conference, with more than 650 participants attending this annual event. TNC brings together decision makers, managers, networking and collaboration specialists, and identity and access management experts from all major European networking and research organisations, universities, worldwide sister institutions, as well as industry representatives.

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CRIS/IR survey in Europe and the Membership Meeting, Paris 11-12 May, 2015 at AMUE

Dear colleagues,

Following the Partnership Agreement signed in 2014 with euroCRIS, the European Organisation for Research Information, we are pleased to announce the launch of the first joint initiative: a comprehensive survey aiming to collect as much data as possible on the information systems currently in use to support the Research Area.

To have a clear and complete picture of the role of technology in Higher Education Institutions, all aspects require in-depth analysis. The Research Area is a crucial one for Universities and Research Centers and it is becoming increasingly important thanks to the diffusion of both Repositories and CRIS (Crurrent Research Information Systems).

Both the CRIS and repository communities have grown remarkably during these last few years, the systems’ functionalities have been extended and their role within the Institutions is changing due to new policies on Open Access, National Assessments and Research Fundings. As a result of this still ongoing evolution, we have now CRISs acting as repositories, repositories with extended data models, a wide range of interoperability features between co-existing CRISs and repositories and even a new species in the ecosystem that claims to be both a repository and a CRIS.

The scope of this initiative it is to collect information on technological solutions that support Research in order to analyse their relations with the other systems used within Higher Education Institutions: how they interoperate, which data and metadata are available and how they can be used.

 A set of questions has been put together to collect a detail account of the running CRIS/Repositories systems at European institutions and made available online via a LimeSurvey platform.

 The survey can be found at this link:

 It will remain open for two months until the end of May and should not take longer than 15-20 minutes to complete.

After collecting such information, ERAI (the EUNIS Research and Analysis Initiative) will work with euroCRIS in order to analyse the results and create comparative studies and find valuable use cases and best practice to share with the Community.

 The preliminary results will be presented at the forthcoming euroCRIS membership meeting in Paris next May and a presentation of its full outcome will be delivered next June at the EUNIS annual Congress in Dundee.

To remind: euroCRIS Membership Meeting will be held in Paris, 11-12 May, 2015 at AMUE. More information here

 Thanks in advance for your collaboration.