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EC Report: Digital and Online Learning

Education & Training 2020 report: Survey on policies and practices of digital and online learning in Europe

Under the E&T 2020 strategic framework for European cooperation on education and training, the Open Method of Coordination (OMC) provides a framework to support and foster dialogue across MS. Within the OMC, the Working Group on Digital and Online Learning (WG DOL) was established in 2014 as a follow-up to the Thematic Working Group on Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and Education. EUNIS participates actively in the Working Group on Digital and Online Learning.

The main aim of WG DOL was to foster mutual learning between Member States and spur further policy development on digital and online learning.

The WG DOL focused on how technologies and ICT can bring innovation into teaching and learning environments in Europe. Some of the key questions were about how digital technologies can contribute to organisational innovation in educational institutions, the quality models, processes, and tools that could enable innovation in teaching and learning to the benefit of learners, and how examples of innovative education can be scaled and mainstreamed.  This led to rich discussions in the working group about the characteristics of digitally innovative learning environments and the nature of the wider enabling framework conditions. Questions on quality assurance of open education resources (OER) and copyright continue to be a challenge for practitioners as well as for system level actors, and a wide range of approaches and concrete tools were presented. The WG DOL provided examples of how digital and online learning education policies and practices are implemented in Member States.

Read the European Commission report:  The survey on policies and practices of digital and online learning in Europe here.

Online exams: migration or transformation? Webinar: 21 September, 2016

Webinar: Online exams: migration or transformation?

We invite you to join the webinar on research into the electronic management of assessment. This webinar will be run jointly between Jisc and EUNIS.

We will look at the motivation for undertaking online exams, the assumptions that underpin this and whether digital technology can help us reshape a new kind of summative assessment in the future. The challenges and opportunities existing in the current landscape will be explored.

The webinar is dedicated to teachers, learning technologists, administrators, and staff with quality assurance responsibilities in the higher education, further education and skills sectors.

More information here.

Date: Wednesday, 21 September, 2016

Time: 12:00-13:00 (GMT+1)

Presenter: Stuart Allan, University of Edinburgh (UK)

Register for the webinar here

Enterprise Architecture Commons for Higher Education

EUNIS is a member of CHEITA (Coalition of Higher Education IT Associations). This organisation is there to distribute and promote good practices from our partners all over the world. An institution that is a member of EUNIS can get access to material available through CHEITA.

The Enterprise Architecture Commons for Higher Education is a model made available by CAUDIT the Australian Higher Education IT association. The model was created in collaboration with FromHereOn, a company focused on Service Design, Information Management and Enterprise Architecture.

The resources can be found here

EDUCAUSE Annual Conference: 25-28 Oct, 2016, Anaheim (CA), US

EDUCAUSE Annual Conference

The EDUCAUSE Annual Conference will be held on 25th-28th of October 2016 in Anaheim (CA), US. The conference is the premier convening of IT professionals and technology providers across the diverse higher education landscape. The conference creates networking opportunities for colleagues to share ideas regarding strategies, leading change, effective processes, what’s working, and sometimes—more importantly—what isn’t.

Register before 27th of  September 2016 to receive the Early-Bird discount.

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Cloud Forward Conference, 18-20 Oct, 2016

Call for Position Papers is now open for Cloud Forward Conference 2016: From Distributed to Complete Computing. Conference will be held in Madrid from 18th to 20th October 2016.

The conference will provide the scientific community a dedicated setting for presenting and discussing innovative technologies in the area of distributed computing as well as newtechnologies beyond CLOUDs, ranging from architectures over methodologies to new applications and services. The conference will focus both on research and development efforts in the domain of CLOUDs, and in future scenarios and technologies that exploit CLOUD computing as a utility, such as Internet of Things. Integral to the conference, the work of the Clusters of experts working on ‘beyond current CLOUD’ topics will be presented.

The event will also host a dedicated SMEs event  to investigate innovative technologies, promote business ideas and foster current game-changers arising on the market.

Call for Position Papers is now open! Submit yours by 03/06/2016

More information here.