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Report on eMOOCs 2014 by Prof Y. Epelboin

Report on eMOOCs 2014 by Prof Yves Epelboin

EPFL, Lausanne 10-12 February 2014

eMOOCs 2014is the first European Conference on MOOCs organized by EPFL  (Lausanne,Switzerland), one of the European leaders.

More than 450 people attended. The conference was organized with some keynote lectures and four parallel tracks: policy, experience, research and business.The policy track was on invitation only, for the others there was a call for papers.

Representatives from the main operators were present: Coursera and EdX of course but also MiriadaX (Spain), Futurelearn (UK), FUN (France), Iversity (Germany), Orange (France), Google.

The proceeding of the Research track as well as slides from the four tracks and videos of the main lectures are available on the conference site:

EUNIS 2013 best papers

At the EUNIS 2013 Congress “ICT Role for Next Generation Universities” there were three awards given, by three different juries, for the most interesting papers/projects:

  1. The EUNIS 2013 Elite Award was won by Samuel Martins, Hugo Ribeiro (University of Porto) and Rui Ribeiro, Nelson Dias (FCCN) for the: “Academic Video in the Portuguese High education Network: the EDUCast@fccn project” done jointly with FCCN Portugal. pdf
  2. The Jens Dørup E-Learning Award won Lígia Ribeiro, Maria Pinto, Pedro Neto, Andrea Vieira from University of Porto for “Learning spaces and students’ entrepreneurship: the strategy for the successful implementation of an e-learning café in campus U. Porto” pdf
  3. The Best Paper was awarded to Anne Sunikka from Aalto University for her presentation “From a Customer-Focused to a Customer-Centric University IT” pdf

Among the nominations to the Best Paper Award there were also:

  • “Designing a Large Scale Cooperative Sync&Share Cloud Storage Platform for the Academic Community in Northrhine-Westfalia” by Raimund Vogl,   Holger Angenent, Rainer Bockholt, Dominik Rudolph, Stefan Stieglitz and Christian Meske
  • “Harnessing the power of Office 365 to provide a social learning environment through a new Student Portal” by Mauli Arora and Adrian Ellison pdf
  • “Transforming the students community into a social network” by Jose Luis Poy and Joan Lasierra pdf
  • “Moodle Cloud” by Maciej Panka pdf
  • “Student management with HISinOne – A status report” by Daniel Biella, Uwe Blotevogel, Sven Radermacher and Malte Ney pdf
  • “Event driven identity management systems” by Tero Hakkarainen and Lauri Viitanen pdf
  • “Opening data in Higher Education Institution – Metropolia’s story” by Jaakko Rannila, Mika Lavikainen and Tuomas Orama pdf
  • “Bootstrapping OAuth for mobile apps using QR codes” by Victoriano Giralt, Manuel Baleriola, Alfredo Muñoz, Ignacio Pérez and Joaquin Canca pdf