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Call for candidates to the EUNIS Board of Directors 2023/24

We are actively seeking new candidatures to the EUNIS Board from the regular members of EUNIS.

If, as a regular member representative, you are interested in putting forward your candidature to act on the Board of Directors of EUNIS, we kindly ask you to send an email by close of business on 23rd of May 2023 with a short biography, photo and outlining the motivation of your interest to: Ms. Anna Pacholak, EUNIS Administration&Communications Manager

The Board of Directors of EUNIS commits itself to make all efforts to solicit candidatures of excellently qualified female candidates to run for vacant board positions, in line with the policy of an inclusive and diverse organisation.The elections will be held at the EUNIS 2023 General Assembly (GA) that is scheduled for the 15th of June 2023 at the Annual EUNIS Congress in Vigo (14-16 June 2023).

All official representatives of EUNIS Members are entitled to take part in the GA meeting. This forum is where the decisions related to the EUNIS’ structure and organisation are made and updates from the EUNIS Special Interest Groups and the Board are presented. The General Assembly has two other very important duties: the election of EUNIS members to the EUNIS Board; and approval of the EUNIS budget that will be presented by the Treasurer.

Those representatives of European Higher Education and Research institutions (regular members) that have paid their annual fee and that are in good order in relation to arrears are entitled to take part in the voting and elections to the Board with one vote per institution.

EUNIS Board of Directors 2021/2022

The EUNIS General Assembly elected the members to the EUNIS Board of Directors 2021/22. The meeting was held on-line on zoom on 17th of June 2021.
At the Board meeting the following candidates were accepted for the EUNIS Board Officers:
  • Mr. Raimund Vogl – the President of EUNIS
  • Ms. Carmen Diaz – the Vice President of EUNIS
  • Mr. Tomasz Szmuc – the Vice President of EUNIS
  • Mr. Yiannis Salmatzidis – the Treasurer of EUNIS
  • Ms. Outi Tasala – the Secretary of EUNIS
  • Mr. Thierry Koscielniak – the Vice Secretary of EUNIS

Mr. Pekka Kähkipuro has been assigned a new Executive Secretary of EUNIS.

Warm welcome to the newcoming Board members and congratulations to the Board Officers!

Candidates to the EUNIS Board of Directors 2021

The EUNIS 2021 online General Assembly will be held on 17th of June 2021 after the EUNIS21 online Congress in “Virtual Athens”.

In June 2021 the service of the following Board Members will come to the end, and thus they apply for re-election:

  •     Mr. Raimund VoglUniversity of Münster,  Germany (President) – applies for re-election
  •     Mr. Tomasz SzmucAGH University of Science and Technology, Poland (Vice-President) – applies for re-election
  •     Mr. Bas Cordewener,  Jisc, UK (Board member) – applies for re-election

The biographies of all current Board members can be found on the EUNIS website.

New candidates to the EUNIS Board are:

All EUNIS Members are entitled to take part in the GA meeting. The representatives of European Higher Education and Research institutions (regular members) having paid their annual fee are entitled to take part in the voting and elections to the Board.

AVIXA webinar Learning Tech Manager’s Power Hour: 22 Feb, 19.00 CET

EUNIS Partner and member AVIXA invites you to join the series of webinars Learning Tech Manager’s Power Hour: Scaling Security. The upcoming one will be held on the 22nd of February at 19.00 CET.

At the February Power Hour we learn how to:

– Identify the biggest threats to higher education institutions and learn how to prepare.
– Understand how a risk-based security strategy can detect and prevent threats.
– Apply insights to your current network security documents to evaluate overall conditions to identify where improvements can be made.

You will hear the representatives of EUNIS: Bas Cordewener (Jisc, EUNIS Board member) and Patrik Maltusch (Aalto University, EUNIS Enterprise Architecture Special Interest Group Leader).

Read more and register here.

Renew your membership at EUNIS for the academic year 2020/21

Welcome to a new year of EUNIS membership!

As a not-for-profit organisation we consider it highly important that Higher Education Institutions take advantage of the opportunities to share ideas and good practices to help us operate efficiently.

With this in mind EUNIS will be organising special interest online events this year that are led by our Special Interests Groups and Task Force Leaders. As a EUNIS member you have a priority for attendance and, if possible, you can attend them free of charge. Read more on the upcoming EUNIS autumn online workshops here and watch the promo video of the EUNIS 2021 Congress planned in a hybrid mode. Stay tuned and we’ll keep you posted on the new initiatives!

We appreciate your continued commitment to encouraging exchange, cooperation and debate between those responsible for information systems in higher education or research institutes and look forward to keeping you posted on new developments in this field!

Read more on the benefits of EUNIS membership here and watch the video on EUNIS here. If your institution is not a EUNIS member yet, fix it now! See here on how to apply.

If your institution is/was a EUNIS member and you haven’t received the membership invoice for the current academic year, please send an email to or if you need to update your contact info, use the form here.

We are looking forward to joining our efforts and to make our best for the Higher Education IT community!