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EUNIS SIGs and TF summary report

The mission of EUNIS is to help member institutions develop their information technology (IT) landscape by sharing experiences and working together. EUNIS fosters exchanges, cooperation, and debates between the higher education institutions (universities, research institutes, education-oriented organisations) within Europe. With special interest groups (SIGs) and task forces (TF), focused on top issues of the higher education IT community, EUNIS promotes knowledge exchange and sharing of best practices, helping to transform the topical areas. See the 2020-21 summary report from EUNIS SIGs and TF and meet their plans. Stay tuned and join them now by subscribing to the selected group.
More information on the events and workshops in the upcoming academic year will be shared in September!

#EUNIS21 Congress Awards

It is always a great pleasure to recognise and honour excellence via the EUNIS Congress awards. This year was no exception and we had some outstanding winners.

The EUNIS Elite Award for the best practice of the use of information systems in HE went to:

The EUNIS Best Paper Award went to:

The winners of the EUNIS/AVIXA award for AV enabled education space were presenting at the Congress AV session, they are:

Last but not least, the Congress’ socialising Treasure Hunt competition awards go to Manos Roumeliotis, U. of Macedonia and Annette Baumann, Technische Universität München.

Congratulations to all the winners!

EUNIS Board of Directors 2021/2022

The EUNIS General Assembly elected the members to the EUNIS Board of Directors 2021/22. The meeting was held on-line on zoom on 17th of June 2021.
At the Board meeting the following candidates were accepted for the EUNIS Board Officers:
  • Mr. Raimund Vogl – the President of EUNIS
  • Ms. Carmen Diaz – the Vice President of EUNIS
  • Mr. Tomasz Szmuc – the Vice President of EUNIS
  • Mr. Yiannis Salmatzidis – the Treasurer of EUNIS
  • Ms. Outi Tasala – the Secretary of EUNIS
  • Mr. Thierry Koscielniak – the Vice Secretary of EUNIS

Mr. Pekka Kähkipuro has been assigned a new Executive Secretary of EUNIS.

Warm welcome to the newcoming Board members and congratulations to the Board Officers!

Candidates to the EUNIS Board of Directors 2021

The EUNIS 2021 online General Assembly will be held on 17th of June 2021 after the EUNIS21 online Congress in “Virtual Athens”.

In June 2021 the service of the following Board Members will come to the end, and thus they apply for re-election:

  •     Mr. Raimund VoglUniversity of Münster,  Germany (President) – applies for re-election
  •     Mr. Tomasz SzmucAGH University of Science and Technology, Poland (Vice-President) – applies for re-election
  •     Mr. Bas Cordewener,  Jisc, UK (Board member) – applies for re-election

The biographies of all current Board members can be found on the EUNIS website.

New candidates to the EUNIS Board are:

All EUNIS Members are entitled to take part in the GA meeting. The representatives of European Higher Education and Research institutions (regular members) having paid their annual fee are entitled to take part in the voting and elections to the Board.