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Call for abstracts for the EUNIS 2020 Congress is now open!

We are happy to announce that the EUNIS 2020 Congress call for abstracts is now open! Please find more information on submission process here.

Through the main theme of Opening Education for the Future, EUNIS 2020 will encompass the topics of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Open Science and Open Data as well as future vision for higher education and research.

The Congress will be held on 10–12 June 2020 and the pre-Congress workshops organized by the EUNIS Task Force and Special Interest Groups are held the day before on 9 June.

For more information, please visit our website here.

EUNIS 2020 partnership opportunities are still available, and we are delighted to welcome you to co-create the best conference of 2020 in Helsinki with us! The details of the packages are available in our partnership brochure. Partnership opportunities are limited, thus do not hesitate to book them as soon as possible!

Outputs from the EUNIS Student Mobility SIG workshop

We share the outputs from the EUNIS Student Mobility SIG pre-Congress workshop “Progress Made and Challenges to Beat” here.

The workshop featured a variety of initiatives and projects that aim to establish the optimal international exchange of study and student information. The speakers and delegates from HEIs shared their views and updates on challenges being met.

The workshop objectives were:
– to inform participants about the status and results of the various projects
– to clarify how HEI’s can engage and benefit from the available infrastructure and tools
– to better understand and promote the benefits of standardisation and digitisation
– to discuss technical and organisational challenges.

Learn more about the EUNIS Student Mobility Special Interest Group here.

Outputs from learning and teaching activities at EUNIS 2019

Outputs and photos from the EUNIS 2019 pre-Congress ‘Active learning in interactive spaces’ workshop and the learning spaces tour are now available here. The padlet also includes a range of additional resources including an editable version of Learning Spaces Snakes and Ladders game board and a link to the UCISA VLE Review Toolkit.

Graphic above: a souvenir of EUNIS19 produced for UCISA bursary winner Elizabeth Griffiths by interns at the University of South Wales.