UCISA – TEL survey results and case studies

During the first months of 2014 the seventh UCISA Survey of Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) for higher education was carried out by the . It offers a longitudinal perspective of TEL developments over a 13-year period within UK institutions.

The report on the 2014 Technology Enhanced Learning Survey has now been published, and together with 13 case studies, focusing on the  current provision within universities and colleges, and the emerging and planned patterns of learning technology use across the higher education community. The Report was written by members of the Academic Support subgroup of UCISA’s Digital Skills Development Group.

UCISA – Digital capabilities survey – Executive summary

The UCISA-DSDG User Skills Group the 2014 Digital capabilities survey of the UK HE sector, focusing on what can also been referred to as digital capabilities, digital literacies or digital competencies. The survey tried to establish how institutions are developing staff and students to perform efficiently and effectively in a digital environment. It complements the Technology enhanced learning (TEL) survey that the UCISA-DSDG Academic Skills Group carries out, but looks at broader digital capabilities rather than TEL software and approaches.

An Executive Summary has been published and the full report will be issued in January 2015. The work will also be supplemented by a set of case studies which will explore themes, issues and good practice.

Launch of ERAI – EUNIS Research and Analysis Initiative

We are happy to announce the launch of ERAI – the EUNIS Research and Analysis Initiative.

The main goal of ERAI is to provide a platform where to find the information a University management needs to understand the uses and trends of IT for the European Higher Education system? Through ERAI, EUNIS will: provide case studies from specific countries, compare studies between two or several countries, share contributions coming from Members, write EUNIS’ articles, publish and promote surveys and analysis of the Task Forces, etc.

  • ERAI will support university IT leaders to develop their business
  • ERAI will support the European Union in understanding differences and similarities of the Higher Education IT issues in the different European countries.
  • ERAI will offer Corporate Members the opportunity to establish a fruitful collaboration with the Universities.
  • Most importantly, ERAI will give EUNIS the possibility to collect and manage content coming from Europe, making it the official “megaphone” of the all members.


BencHEIT event in Bologna Dec 1st – programme update

We would like to remind you that registration for the next BencHEIT Task Force Workshop will close on November 16th.

Several IT benchmarking initiatives from different Countries will be discussed during the event.
If you haven’t had the chance to register yet, please take a look at the interesting program.

Participation in the event is open, free of charge, to all EUNIS Members. If you are not a EUNIS Member Institution, but interested in this topic, please contact Michele Mennielli ( to learn more about the event. There are limited number of seats available, but it might be possible for you to attend.

We hope to see you all soon in Bologna!