EDUCAUSE 2014: French delegation report

Educause annual conference 2014, visits to MIT & University of Central Florida: French delegation report

A French delegation was officially formed to participate in the annual Educause conference. It was decided to take advantage of the trip to the United States to visit two universities, MIT in Boston and the University of Central Florida in Orlando. This report follows the feedback meeting held in Paris and covers the two day-long university visits and the various workshops attended at the Educause conference itself.

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Report by Prof. Yves Epelboin: the Higher Education Challenge in Africa and Asia

The Higher Education Challenge in Africa and Asia

Higher Education is one of the most important challenges of the 21st century in Asia and Africa. Reports say that one should open one university every day! Moreover these countries face a critical shortage of quality professors but also of governance and management. Funding is very limited and their capacity to answer successfully to this challenge is doubtful. Modern technologies by themselves will never replace good quality teachers. However, when adapted to the local cultures and social environment they may be of great help to go in the right direction.

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E-Learning in European HE Institutions: Results of a Mapping Survey

E-Learning in European Higher Education Institutions: Results of a Mapping Survey conducted in Oct – Dec 2013

With the emergence of Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs) it seemed that, beyond the bounds of the e-learning communities and their activities, generally, little attention had been paid to how information technologies (ICT) impacted higher education teaching and learning. There were voices pointing out that the rise of MOOCS was just one particular, albeit spectacular element, of the much broader agenda of digitalisation (i.e., e- and online learning), in which many universities have been involved for quite some time. While this is difficult to prove, the recent heated debates on the strategic importance of e- and ICT-based learning for European higher education, and predictions made about the future of higher education, revealed a lack of European-level data on e-learning in higher education.

It was for this reason that EUA decided to conduct this survey, in order to be in a better position to contribute to ongoing policy discussions, and to support our members in their efforts to further enhance and promote innovation in learning and teaching.

The results of this survey are surprising. Apart from a few notable exceptions, almost all institutions are involved in some forms of e-learning. It seems that there has been no sudden and disruptive change, but rather that a gradual adaptation has taken place, which continues at different paces and scales across Europe. Nevertheless institutional responses to MOOCs do suggest that European higher education institutions are capable of responding swiftly to new strategic challenges.

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ACA European Policy Seminar: Feb 3, Brussels

What’s new in Brussels? Recent developments in European Policies and Programmes.

45th ACA European Policy Seminar will be held on 3rd of February 2015 in Brussels.

This time round, the focus will be on the new EU programmes in education and research, and especially on Erasmus+. The seminar will try to identify and analyse the experience made with the start of this programme. What worked, what did not and what needs to be improved are some of the guiding questions behind the programme. They will be answered by a multiplicity of actors, such as the European Commission, national agencies and, most important, university representatives.

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EUNIS 2015: registration and call for papers reminder

EUNIS 2015: The Journey to Discovery, 10-12 June 2015, Abertay University, Dundee,  Scotland

Dear Colleague,

We would like to take this opportunity to remind you that the call for papers for EUNIS 2015 closes in four weeks’ time (on 13 February 2015). The Congress provides an ideal audience to present and publish the latest results of research, development and deployment of information technology in HEIs. With 146 members representing 129 European institutes in over 30 countries, we anticipate that 300-350 key decision makers will attend this prestigious event.

If you would like to be part of EUNIS 2015 then don’t miss your chance to contribute.

For further details on how to submit a paper please visit our website:

The main keynote agenda is almost finalised – full agenda details will be confirmed soon. There is also a full social events programme in place that will allow you to sample the best of Dundee and the famous Scottish hospitality. Including the beautifully gothic McManus Galleries (pictured right). For further details please visit the website:

Registration is now open and the early bird registration fee is currently available (£350 – EUNIS members / £450 – non members). The first 100 delegates to register to attend EUNIS 2015 will be entered into a prize draw to win a bottle of Talisker 10 year old single malt Scotch Whisky.

To register to attend EUNIS 2015 please visit:

On behalf of the EUNIS 2015 Congress Team we would like to wish you a happy and prosperous 2015, and look forward to welcoming you to Abertay University this June.

Kind regards,

EUNIS 2015 Congress Team