EUNIS EA and BI SIGs seminar: 27-28 April, Tampere Univ., Finland

EUNIS Business Intelligence SIG and Enterprise Architecture SIG invites you to take part in a joint spring seminar on Modeling for strategic decision making: explore how to combine enterprise architecture (EA) and business intelligence (BI) to improve strategic decision making in higher education institutions (HEI).

The goal of the seminar is to explore how to model for strategic decision making through mapping and visualization of capabilities. We are using a higher education capability framework based on a standardized capability maturity model called HERM (Higher Education Reference Model). It is based on the work of CAUDIT, UCISA, EDUCAUSE and EUNIS. At the seminar you will learn how to identify the link between the strategy and the capabilities of the HEI. In the seminar you will learn how to identify the link between the strategy and the capabilities of the HEI. You will learn how to use the HERM-model as a tool to analyze the strategy from a standardized, structured and holistic viewpoint.

The two-day seminar consists of a mixture of lectures and workshop sessions where you will learn about the capability model itself and how to apply it in your HEI. You will learn how to sketch your strategy or project portfolio using a canvas where you map these to the capability model. The outcome after these two days is a set of skills and insights which you may use in your HEI to strengthen strategic decision making.

There will be time to network with participants in a joint dinner organized for the seminar in Day 1.

Who should participate:

Members of EA SIG and BI SIG. There is no cost to attend the event but places are limited to 30 people and priority will be given to EUNIS member institutions and EA and BI SIGs members. We will apply a first come, first served policy.


Bring your strategy, road map or project portfolio, system landscape or something similar. You may bring all of these or some of them, as you will be using them in the workshops.

Where: Tampere University, Finland.

The seminar will primarily be organized physically. If changes in travel restrictions occur we will consider how to accommodate it digitally. This will be decided by the 10th of April the latest.

When: 27-28 April 2022.

We will start at 9 .00 in the morning, so plan your coming to Tampere on the 26th of April.


Book your place HERE.

Once you register you will receive more detailed information on agenda, travel details, food restrictions etc.

Best Overall AV-enabled Education Space Award: deadline extended till 10 April

The deadline for entries for the 2022 EUNIS awards for AV enabled education space has been extended to 10 April.

Submissions should cover innovative use of AV technology (including immersive technologies such as augmented and virtual reality) in any higher education facility. The competition is open to higher education worldwide and you do not have to be a EUNIS member to enter.

Winners will be funded to present their work at EUNIS22. Find out more about the award here.

Solidarity with Ukraine

Facing the Russian invasion on the Ukrainian territory, we are expressing our solidarity with Ukraine, especially with students and HEd colleagues. We are a pan-European organisation promoting education and collaboration above borders and cannot be indifferent to a brutal violation of human rights. We also express our sincere hope that the nearest future will bring peace for Ukraine and the world.

Слава Україні!

EUNIS Board, SIGs Leaders & staff

Join EUNIS & GÉANT GDPR online workshop: 1 April

EUNIS & GÉANT invites you to the GDPR online workshop on 1 April at 10.00 a.m. CET.

This two-hour event will address how GDPR regulations (Schrem-2) change and impact cloud services delivery and security. The focus of the workshop will be on practical approaches, tools and policies to deal with legislative and security aspects concerning cloud service delivery.

The introductory address will be given by Magdalena Rzaca (GÉANT GDPR specialist). You will also hear about various tools and aspects to assess and manage Cloud & Security risks from Slavko Gajin (AMRES, GÉANT Cloud Team), Garvan McFeeley (HEAnet, GÉANT Cloud Team), Christian Fötinger (HS Augsburg) and Denise Dittrich (RTHW Aachen, EUNIS Cloud SIG Lead).

CIO’s, security officers, cloud specialists, and those involved in legislative policy and compliance as well as security risk management.

Register here.