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Webinar on Digital Assessment: 25th April,13.30 CEST

Digital Assessment: current and future developments across Europe
Webinar: Tuesday 25th April 13.30 CEST (12.30 UK time)

Join the EUNIS/Jisc webinar on digital assessment. Four presenters will share their experiences and discuss the future. Hear about national digital assessment initiatives in the Netherlands and Norway and the experiences of the University of Bergen who are using Canvas for continuous assessment and also aiming for 100% digital exams by the end of 2017.

Presenters: Prof Arild Raaheim (University of Bergen), Dr Robert Gray (University of Bergen), Ingrid Melve (UNINETT), Dr Annette Peet (SURFNet, NL).

Register here . Attendance is free. If you are interested but unable to attend, sign up anyway and we will send you a link to the webinar recording and slides.

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By Silvester Draaijer - 26 April 2017 Reply

Can I also find powerpoints of this webinar somewhere? That would come in very handy.

Kind regards,

Silvester Draaijer, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

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