Learning & Teaching Task Force

Learning & Teaching Task Force Aims

The L&T TF carries out a number of projects and activities to encourage the exchange of information and foster collaborative working across Europe. You will enjoy being an L&T TF member if you enjoy meeting and working with colleagues from other European universities. L&T TF membership is open to the EUNIS community. You are welcome to join the L&T TF provided the university or organisation where you work is a member of EUNIS.
You personally must be happy to give a small amount of your time to working on L&T TF projects and activities and the L&T TF would like some of its members to propose and lead new projects. To join the group just email the group leader currently: Gill Ferrell: gill@aspire-edu.org


Save the date for the upcoming EUNIS Learning Analytics workshop: 11-12 October 2018, Helsinki, Finland. More information soon.

Other Activities

The L&T TF welcomes proposals for new activities and members are encouraged to volunteer to get involved or to lead a subgroup considering a particular topic.

EUNIS Dørup E-learning Award  – This group has drawn up regulations for the award and consists of a team of judges and others who help run the scheme. The first EUNIS Dørup E-learning Award was handed out at EUNIS 2008. Leader: Mads Dahl (Denmark)

We have a number of members particularly interested in the following topics so suggestions to lead activities in these areas are always welcome:

  • assessment and feedback
  • designing physical learning spaces
  • learning design
  • learning analytics

Read here the outputs from the What’s next: Higher education integrated experiences ISE 2018 in Amsterdam in February 2018.