Enterprise Architecture

EUNIS Enterprise Architecture Special Interest Group

Mission and Scope

The Higher Education Institutions have a need to describe their services in relation to procesess, application services and capabilities. This approach specifically provides benefits for project initiatives that create or design service concepts and eases the description in a unified way of the produced service itself.

The main role of the EA Special Interest Group will be to display the EA work done within the sector, harmonize used terminology, be enabler for producing descriptions that can be used for mapping thus showcasing an European wide set of HEI services in a unified form (incl. vocabulary and notation).
Proficient EA actors within the HEI can provide practical examples to lower the entry for newcomers and minder the work burden associated with documenting the Service landscape. In return, it will give proof of concept and qualitatively improve the terminology used.

Key activities will be but not exclusively:

• establish and maintain presence on EUNIS webpages (contacts, meetings and agendas)
• establish co-creation portal (theoretical framework; metamodel)
• establish and maintain ECHEIEA-repository (HEI Services)
• define a Service Card structure (common service description model)
• establish and maintain a Relation map (between Services and Actors; Processes and Application Services)

Locations and timing:

EUNIS SIG activities such as workshops are at minimum held once each quarter as on-line meetings if not otherwise agreed. Main activities will take place in conjunction with annual EUNIS conferences or workshops that tie-in with the topic. Other meetings and small group activities will be scheduled when necessary. We encourage national chapters to display their meetings on SIG calendar.