Process and survey

The survey consists of three parts:

  1. Background information, including general information about the organisation, e.g. completed degrees and credits as well as numbers of personnel and end users.
  2. Costs and FTE section, where IT personnel and –budget is divided according to services, account groups and organisational level.
  3. Volumes section, consisting of several IT volumes, e.g. server environments, data networks and Helpdesk.



To understand the level of IT centralisation in the relevant organisations, throughout the questionnaire IT is divided into three levels inside the organisation. A division is asked to be made between:

  • Centralised IT (IT Center, central IT Services, IT Management)
  • Other centralised IT (centralised units other than central IT which provide IT services also outside the unit itself, such as central administration, central libraries etc.)
  • decentralised IT = IT in faculties and individual institutions


The survey is done once a year. Data gathering starts in the beginning of the year, and the deadline for the survey is typically April-May.