Become a member

How much does it cost?

The current annual subscription fee for each Regular Member institution is €500 and for a Corporate member it is €1,500 for silver and €2,500 for the gold membership. New members will enjoy membership benefits immediately after receipt of the first subscription payment. The membership period is the academic year from September 1 st to August 31 st.


How to apply?

Fill in one of the EUNIS Membership Application forms below and submit the form when completed.

Details are given in the form:

The personal membership fee is fixed every year by the General Assembly. The current fee is €50.

Event fees for personal members:

  • personal members employed by university or HE institution enjoy event fees at members rate
  • personal members not in employment (retired, unemployed, student) or self-employed enjoy event fees at members rate (or lower, up to the decision of the local organizer).

Changing information?


If your membership changes in any way, whether it is a change of contact person or adresses please fill in our Member’s data change-form.