Student mobility SIG workshop – Tuesday 4 June

Pre Conference workshop on Student Mobility:
‘Progress Made and Challenges to Beat’

This workshop will feature a variety of initiatives and projects that work to establish the optimal exchange of study and student information, internationally. Represented projects and delegates from HEIs will share updates, compare views and work on challenges to realise the benefits.

The workshop objectives are:
– to inform participants about the status and results of the various projects,
– to clarify how HEI’s can engage and enjoy the benefit of available infrastructure and tools
– to better understand and promote the benefits of standardisation and digitisation
– to discuss technical and organisational challenges


Program (Tentative)

09:00 – 10:00
10:00 – 11:15

Student mobility SIG workshop – welcome, overview & part I
10:00 Welcome and introduction to the workshop programme
10:10 Student Mobility: an overview

  • Aims, benefits and perspectives
  • Expectations and guidelines
  • Challenges, required responses and actions re
    1. Interoperability between HEIs and in administration
    2. Advancing towards integrated and digitized universities

Part 1. Interoperability challenges and integration
From the perspective of EWP and ESC, address:

  • Interoperability and standards
  • Digitalized processes
  • Improve efficiency, optimization of resources and efforts
  • Achieve security in inter-system communication

10:30 What is EWP and why it matters?!

  • Aims and minimum requirements of the Erasmus programme post-2020
  • Current state of EWP: architecture (registry, existing APIs and their functionality)
  • EWP Connections and dependencies: Online Learning Agreement; Erasmus Dashboard; Erasmus App
  • EWP’s Future. Upcoming developments
11:15 – 11:30
11:30 – 13:30

Student mobility SIG Workshop – part I continues
11:30 What is ESC and what issues does it solve?

  • Aims and requirements
  • Current state of ESC: architecture and functionality
  • ESC’s Future

11:50 Open source University Alliance

  • Aims and requirements

12:10 Plenary Q&A and discussion

  • HEI admission procedures to the projects/network
  • Expected HEI policy measures
  • Technical requirements
  • Integration issues

13:30 Plenary feedback on outcomes

13:30 – 14:15
14:15 – 16:10

Student mobility SIG Workshop – part II
14:15 Welcome, update on part 1 and introduction part 2
Part 2. Advancing towards integrated and digitalized universities
From the perspective of (invited) projects EMREX, ESMO, MyAcademidID, Studies+, SEAL, eID4U, OpenU, Blockchain initiatives, address:

  • Shared credentials
  • Favour student mobility
  • Incorporate emergent technologies

14:25 What is EMREX and what issues does it solve?!

  • Aims and requirements
  • Current state of EMREX: architecture and functionality
  • EMREX connections and dependencies
  • EMREX’s Future. Upcoming developments

14:50 Introduction round (each project 5 mins/3 slides)

  • Aims, benefits, deliverables
  • Connections w other projects
  • Integration issues

15:25 Plenary Q&A and SWOT discussion (4 times 10 mins)

16:10 – 16:25
16:25 – 17:30

Student mobility SIG Workshop – part II continues
16:25 Group discussion (2 groups, 45 mins)

  • Main strengths/opportunities: how best to proceed
  • Main weaknesses/threats: how to mitigate/neutralise

17:05 Plenary feedback on outcomes
17:20 Next steps SIG Student Mobility and closure