Parallel Session 3: Sponsor Track

Session Chair: I. Siissalo

Panopto: Using Video to Enhance Informal, Formal and Blended learning approaches (1 hour workshop)
(Presenter: Denis Staskewitsch; Facilitator: Adrien Bourg)

In this interactive session, Denis Staskewitsch from video platform provider Panopto will be discussing how video can be used to support both formal and informal learning for students. The session will begin with a brief introduction to the rise of video as an educational medium and a presentation of some key findings from two recent surveys of UK university students covering their views on technology and video for learning. After giving an overview of some of the innovative ways European institutions are using video to enhance the student learning experience, there will be a chance for participants to discuss their own current and future plans to support informal, formal and blended learning through video. If you’re interested in blended learning, flipping the classroom, video tutorial content, creating on-demand lecture recordings, offering innovative student feedback approaches and using multimedia content to support the face-to-face learning experience, this interactive session is for you.

Inspera: Digital Assessment in Norway – A Case Study from the University of Bergen

(Sofie Emmertsen; Executive Education Consultant)

The Faculty of Mathematics and Science at the University of Bergen is working towards digitizing all final exams by the end of 2017. While this goal can be met by using multiple choice assessment tests, digital assessment technology opens up for a diversity of assessment forms that can strengthen the alignment between teaching and assessment as well as train students’ capabilities in using digital tools for math and science. This talk presents some of the experiences from the Faculty’s work on implementing digital assessment technology and rethinking assessment forms to improve students’ learning outcomes.

Location: Vom-Stein-Haus, VSH 19 Date: June 7, 2017 Time: 3:30 pm - 5:00 pm