Keynote 4: Maximizing Productivity and Learning Time – Fundamentals and Requirements in the Usage of AV Technology

Crestron (Platinum Sponsor)

Combining different manufacturers’ products and platforms that weren’t engineered to work together compromises AV system performance and unproductive meetings including wasted resources cost educational institutions a fortune. Centralized AV management solutions will reduce these costs, as they work together as a complete system, enabling you to monitor, manage and control all technology within classrooms, labs and lecture theatres from one platform. A seamless and enhanced learning experience within every educational environment is provided.

Real-time data concerning classrooms and automate HVAC, media and energy consumption in accordance with timetables and room occupancy will put you in complete control of an energy efficient environment enabling collaborative, effective learning. You get maximum uptime, a consistent user experience in every room, and IT standards for all your AV systems.

Location: Hörsaalgebäude Schlossplatz, H1 Date: June 7, 2017 Time: 5:30 pm - 6:00 pm Frank Boshoven