Keynote 3: Digital Campus Management and Student Information Systems – A Customer’s Perspective

SAP (Platinum Sponsor)

Implementing a new campus management system is a multi-dimensional challenge that must now embrace radical changes in digital transformation.  Universities and colleges are emerging into the age of a fully digital world that is driving the transformation of interactions, processes, workforce management, and business models.  Data driven insights are no longer a nice-to-have addition to operational support, but are now a fundamental core of future operational environments. The lines are blurring between where the user ends and the technology starts.  Integrated campus management and successful support systems must form an interactive hub will be at the core of the next generation of the digital institution.

To do this, SAP supports our clients to install a project organization that consolidates the needs and views across all stakeholders – students, faculty, staff and administration, transforming the operational environment into a truly digital and integrated campus, with a multilevel matrixed organization.

From a technical perspective, this means that there are – besides the challenging aspects of usability, performance and migration – some general elements, we should turn our attention to in every functional package:

  • Adapting to new paradigms for digital operations and support
  • Flexibility in structure and process adaption
  • Interaction with and integration of other systems
  • Variety of qualification needs


Location: Hörsaalgebäude Schlossplatz, H1 Date: June 7, 2017 Time: 5:00 pm - 5:30 pm Malcolm Woodfield Björn Kemmoona Eva Mundanjohl