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EUNIS 2018 Rectors’ Conference update

The EUNIS 2018 Rectors’ Conference is an outstanding opportunity for Rectors, Presidents and other top decision-makers of Higher Education Institutions to meet and exchange views on the development of Higher Education and the increasing role of Information Technologies in shaping university’s activities.

It will be held on 26-28 April, 2018 at the University of Porto, Portugal.

Registration is open and the professional programme of the Conference involves the participation of the renowned keynote speakers.

Besides the high quality programme, a valuable social programme will offer to the Conference participants memorable experiences drawing on the culture and heritage of the City of Porto and Portugal.

More information here.


A-Z of Learning Analytics workshop, Manchester, UK: 7th Nov 2017

The A-Z of Learning Analytics, Manchester, UK, 7th November 2017

The workshop will explore how we can make use of data to improve learning.  Some of the things we will be talking about include:

  • Assessment analytics
  • Balanced scorecards
  • Curriculum design (data-driven)
  • Dashboards (student & institutional)
  • Ethics
  • Fitness apps for learning
  • Gaming approaches
  • … and much more

Why attend?
As a participant you will have the opportunity to:

  • Find out about the latest developments across Europe
  • Hear real life experiences from university practitioners (including UK, Netherlands and Portugal)
  • Compare technical approaches
  • Ask questions, share practice and discuss ideas

Read more and register here.

The event is free for HEIs who are members of EUNIS & UCISA  as well as registered delegates at UCISA CISG-PCMG17 annual conference 2017.

This is a EUNIS event supported by UCISA.



EUNIS InfoSec Task Force launch

EUNIS InfoSec Task Force launch

A new Task Force on Information Security and Data Protection (InfoSec) was launched by the EUNIS Board in June 2017. New members are welcome to participate in the InfoSec TF. Please, contact the TF leader Anne Hintzell ( and you will be added to the TF mailing list.

The Task Force aims to present a forum for information security professionals as well as data protection experts in order to build a strong network.

The objectives of the InfoSec Task Force are to:

  • discuss the higher education information security and privacy challenges and present and share ways of solving those challenges
  • share knowledge on topical information security threats, countermeasures as well as technical solutions
  • support GDPR implementation on the information security side
  • follow up on the threat landscape as well as the development of new privacy legislation
  • build a network of higher education information security and Data Protection professionals

As a start of the InfoSec TF a workshop on Data Protection and IT security was organized in Berlin, in April 2017. The next workshop will be arranged on 12th of December 2017 in Lisbon. This workshop will continue the theme of GDPR in higher education and practical measures for implementation.

More information on the InfoSec Task Force can be found here.

EUNIS upcoming events: save the dates!

EUNIS upcoming events: save the dates!

The preparations for the next EUNIS Annual Congress are already ongoing! Save the date: 6-8 June 2018 and join us in Paris, France next year!

Invite your Rector to the EUNIS 2018 Rectors’ Conference entitled University 5.0 – Bridging people and technology that will be held on 26-28 April, 2018 at the University of Porto, Portugal. EUNIS organises this event every two years and it is attended by Rectors, Presidents, Vice Presidents, Provosts, Vice Chancellors and CIOs from many HE institutions across Europe and beyond. The 2018 edition, hosted by the University of Porto, will focus on the on-going developments in the industry and aims to reflect on the implications of the close connection between people and technology in higher education strategy, policies, and governance. It will provide an excellent debating and networking fora to discuss and anticipate the impact of the latest developments in information technology and their role in enabling higher education institutions to succeed in a cooperative and competitive globalized world. Read more information on the event website.


EUNIS Learning & Teaching Task Force together with the BI Task Force and UCISA organise jointly the workshop on learning analytics that will be held on 7th November 2017 in Manchester, UK. More information soon!

After the success of the EUNIS event on Data Protection and IT security organised in Berlin, in April 2017, a follow-up workshop is planned for 12th Dec 2017, just a day before the EUNIS BencHEIT annual meeting on 13th Dec 2017. Both workshops will be held in Lisbon, Portugal. Save the dates!

CHEITA study tour

EUNIS, in partnership with our international colleagues in CHEITA, is looking to conduct an international study tour to north-eastern USA coinciding with the EDUCAUSE 2017 Conference from 31 October 2017 to 3 November 2017, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Conference is providing the opportunity to visit premier institutions (and potentially vendor campuses) in north eastern states/cities of e.g. Pennsylvania, Maryland, Washington DC, New York, Boston etc in the days immediately after the conference close.


Depending upon interest, participants could include CIOs (and their supervisors or immediate reports) from Australia, Canada, Europe, South Africa, the United Kingdom, the USA and other countries – giving you the opportunity to make connections and broaden your network.  Please note that we are looking to cap numbers at 30 in order to maximise the quality of your interactions.

If you are interested in participating in this study tour please email Johan Bergström (EUNIS representative at CHEITA): as soon as possible to register your interest.