Throughout the years EUNIS have awarded the best in European Higher Education IT. Three awards: Eunis Elite Award, Jens Dørup E-Learning Award and Congress Best Paper Award are given each year.

EUNIS Elite Award

EUNIS Elite Award for excellence in implementing Information Systems for Higher Education is an honorary award. The winner(s) will have a slot at the Congress. Read more here.

EUNIS Dørup E-learning Award

The EUNIS Dørup E-learning Award is given for the outstanding and innovative application of information technology (IT) in an educational setting. It was founded in commemoration of former member of the EUNIS Board of Directors, Jens Dørup.

The award is organised by the EUNIS Learning and Teaching Special Interest Group. The call for submissions for the EUNIS Dørup E-learning Award is done at the same time as the general call for papers for the annual Congress and the winner is selected by the Dørup Award Judging Panel. The award is not a monetary award, but the winner will receive a special certificate and a framed print of a painting by Danish artist Maj Dørup (daughter of Jens Dørup). Read more here.

EUNIS Congress Best Paper Award

The Best Paper Award is organised annualy at the EUNIS Congress. The award is organised by the host institution and the winner(s) is selected by voting of attendees. The winner(s) of the award is announced during the Congress by the organisers. Read more here.